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Doing Table Topic Yesterday went for second session of toastmaster, schedule were as usual. Prepare speeches to evaluation to table topic. I guess the only involvement was the self introduction and table topic. Second session but I have been volunteering table topic for both session. Something to be proud of. People were saying I am very courageous and motivated to learn. I drink too much coffee that afternoon, getting all rowdied and restlessed. Butterflies in stomach and heart pounching really fast. Table topic was hard. Question : “If music are to be in human voice, it shall not exist in the first place”. I don’t think I understood the sentence then and till now I don’t think I quite get what it is trying to say. I always got those hard and irrelevant topics, where I can’t apply my experience in life. So had to threw out trash. I think I didn’t do as well as the previous attempt, I rate myself 6/10. I construct was all over the place, idea were not conise and lack the punch lin