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黃明志 Namewee songs tribute

黃明志 Namewee is a famous Malaysia amateur rapper, whom produced some controversial songs; often being accused as demeaning to his country and culture. My personal opinion regards him more or less like the Hong Kong rapper's band LMF which happens to be my idol as well. If you look behind the vulgarity and seek deeper into the meaning of the songs, you would realize what they were singing was actually the truth and the actual thoughts of the 小市民. Speaking back to Namewee, he seemingly had a song so controversial that he got himself wanted by the Malaysia police for a period of time. I would like to dedicate my utter respect by sharing some of his great work. Feels the lyric and ya, remember to make sure your mum is not with you. Had been warned. I like this the best *** Must watch ***

KuiShin-Bo the place for Alaska Crap

CLP owes us a meal, cause last time YS paid for the Wagyu dinner. We had a hard time deciding whether to go for Wagyu sabu sabu buffet or Kuishin-Bo. Finally we settled in for Kuishin-Bo (Goh She Poh) because of the Alaska Crab. Nice choice!! We had the fullest meal since forever. Basically we rejected the 60min rush buffet and took the full 4.5 hours buffet, starting from 5:30p0m to 10pm. Some of the offering are too good to be missed. Like the BBQ lobster, which only will be served once in a while. The Alaska Crab is succulent and the desserts are heavenly. The lobstericous If you are looking for some quality food and sick of Sakura, then give Kuishin-Bo a shot for the steep price of $47.90++ on weekend at Great World City. Less crowded. It sort of became a traditional in buffet, I mean please STOP play with your food!!

What to do in life

Now i am detesting my work. Felt so miserable about the pay system of the company, almost like in army where all they care about is ur cert. No matter how fast u promote or pay rise, the percentage increasment is going to wider. I think properly i want to change path again. Maybe take up part time degree course as a health safety officer. If recongise, i can complete them within 2 year. Jump E5 engineer straight. But then, what happen to my handphone business? I can never become my own boss already. How am i going to prove to the world that you dont have to get a degree to earn ur fiancial freedom. Shall i go into the topic of path to true happiness? How do i define true happiness. Is it being derive by material abilities? It varies men to men. I define it as the abilities to do the things that you wants to do. Physically, mentally and lastly fiancially. Is earning in relucancy something you felt happy and sucessful? Or maybe its compromised by work life balance for u to earn the a

My zombified foot

Morning wake up with a running nose and a sore throat. Took my 2nd MC from work. See a doctor and go home 2 day bathless. Normally I am a clean animal, how my heater spolit so i cant tke a bath on cold water really. So i go the conventional way by boiling my own water. Really smelly cat now. Maybe of 2 day bathless and my skin zombified. They peels off as dead skin under my foot. I really enjoy peeling them that i wrote the date on the skin that comes off me. Those thick skin served me well when last time when i played basketball without a shoe. They serve as my sole from the hot floor of the basketball court. I want to conserve them as long as possible. See my collections. -- Post From My iPhone

A hip up with CLP

7th month in 2010, instead of shocking up from sleep by nightmare, i actually laughted myself up from a funny dream. Can u believe that? Lmao while i am dreaming and actually shocked myself out of it. I think its first time of my life:) I think the fact that i dont believe in ghost make me invulnerable for "inception". Alrighty, ytd when to venture around at Demsey with CLP. Kind of recommended by Pam when I asked for places to hang out. Well totally out of my league. End up at breako holland spent $50. Today shop spee with CLP at somerset 313. My first time again. Very big and I didn't really finish half, brought jeans, pant, books, hair clay and eat go go curry. Spent like $150. We fell in love squating in front of 313 scrutinising people walking pass and pick the most ideal size alpha male. We judge, comment and laugh ass of as we pick our nicest body dude that i want to work into one day. CLP and i seldom get into fight but this week we kind of having a small crsis.
Feeling so gonna give up yet it so hard to get go. I am so vexed, why did it turns out to be so complicated. Why the relationship is so conservative and so relucant to commit. We are doubting each other and neither one wants to give our all for the feeling of getting hurt. Inevitably, i am still hurt. -- Post From My iPhone

Engineering rat race

Today my sale is 520. Therefore my pay today is 100. Tmr is national but still I will be working, however tmr I will be working at timmy shop. Suppose to have more sale and hence more money. I dont know why i am like fighting for my life to work hard, probably I reach the point that i concentrate fully on money. For future. I really dun think that I will be working long in sembcorp. My peer choose to further study and if by 2 years time I cant reach the same place as them, i might wan to quit. I fear i might enter a rat race where i will be too comfortable with these regular pay, which hinder me into a path where there is many variable. Sometime i envy peter's life in Coliban water as a manager. where he descript he can work with one of his hand tied at the back. When you earn to a certain amount of money you realize that unless you can keep ur job challenging, you will tend to venture out for a more fulfilling job. Well, i am still here, at this point where I need miney for my

Stubborn yet self steering your life

I guess I am a pretty stubborn person. What I think its right, I will stay firm ground regardless of what people say. Sometime I might be wrong, but I still will not regret my action. However most of the time, I am right. Friend sometime crosses your path, touches you heart and before you truely wants to uphold the precious relationship. And puff, they are gone. We are just a chapter in their life book and so are they in ours. Remembering nothing in this universe last forever, every one day beyond the begining is just one day nearer to the end. Don't live your life compromising yourself for others and do not seek for recognition. End of the day you are out there by yourself and you need to make decision by yourself. Choices that affects our life is only fair if we made them ourselves. Believing people blindly put our reliance on others but we should train ourself for independant decision, intuition, rationality and plain guts feeling. So what if we are wrong? Doesn't mean pe

Jailbreak 3gs, iphone 4 for ios 4 (userland unthethered)

Finally, comex has just released his new tool "JailbreakME " to Jailbreak iPhone 4 / 3GS New and Old Bootroms, iPod Touch 3G / 2G on iOS 4 / 4.0.1 and iPad on iOS 3.2.1, It's pretty simple and install is painless with one click! no need to enter DFU mode, no more issues and errors, more custom firmwares. This is the real fun! Description in the Site: What's a jailbreak? Why jailbreak? A jailbreak is simply the ability to run apps and use themes and tweaks not approved by Apple. Jailbreaking doesn't slow down your device or use any extra battery, and is fully reversible (just restore in iTunes). A jailbreak lets your device be how you want it. Is JailbreakMe reversible? Of course! If you ever decide that you want to remove your jailbreak, just connect your device to your computer, sync, and then press Restore in iTunes. Is this legal in the US? Yes. A new DMCA excemption was approved by the Library of Congress, specifically allowing jailbreaking. Credits