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New role in job - corporate ladder climber

Whao, that 7 months since my last post. I joined BB since Feb 2019. 5 months into the job but I still haven't cleared my probation. They say the learning curve was steep, I don't believe. Now from the look of my KPI. I just managed to clear 10% KPI averaging over 5 months. Many people ask if I regret leaving my last job. Why did I have to leave the job that I can do with my hand tied behind my back with big fat payroll, flexible timing so on and so fore. Honestly, I do not regret and I love the new challenge that I am facing. First of all, promoting credit facilities had bottlenecked. I had learnt all that I need to learn and from that moment on, I am literally "working" for money. Jim Collins in his book "Good to Great" mention that for you to really find long-lasting satisfaction in your career you need to have passion, value and talent.