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Dbl O equals to Dbl rate of "drop dead"

Whao, finally exam were over. I am back blogging and I think I am really sick and tired of my blogskin but too bad I can't really do a new one already. No more inspiration and time also. Oh ya.. before I forget, I sold the my N95 away for $420. $20 profit. Hmm this time no really that the phone suck or what, and it was actually a good phone though. Just a voice in my head asking me to sell it away. Probably is that I am afraid that it might depreciate in value if I hold on it for too long. Now I really headache on what other phone I can buy because after N95, all other phone have to consider as a downgrade. Maybe I should wait for my contract over before I just voucher to buy a new phone. 2 cute animal around my house, so ya, inserted a little caption into the picture to make it look not so boring. And went for IAP breifing ytd and meet up with my liase officer, Mr Tan Aik Nan. Surprise to see he looks quite young. So IAP period I have to submit a log entry weekly. People telli

ECP skating with class plus L4D

It's class outing again. We normally will organize outing after exam so we can utilize the pathetic $5 class fund. I mean, since anyway we are going to pay the $5 in our school fee, so if we don't use it, we wasted it. Initial plan was to go Sentosa, but since there isn't really much to do there, except to admire people's body or let people admire yours. Not very much appealing to me thought, so changed to ECP for skating. Whole class went except Hong Soon as usual. Update: Photo was taken and sponsor by our most generous, Mr Tan Shi Hao Please click on the "most fucking big font I ever used" to link to his blog for more pictures :p Nothing very exciting to elaborate during skating. More excited ones are when our full force L4D draft went to Katong to play left 4 dead. Its our first official 4 vs 4 tournament on left 4 dead. In the end, we lost to Elgin's group which win us by score when our group make a mistake in the mid game. Hai, so sad that I

Ronnie Bday

This was a few weeks old entry which I forgotten to publish on blog. Ronnie bday few weeks ago, I think I spell his name wrongly, but that was what I had always spelled. It was so rare to get my classmate come out. I managed to physco them to drink. All of them haha. I am the bad apple of my class. Mum is feeling aching at her knee area. She worked too much, or maybe getting old. Old people got all the illness coming. I prayed for her wellness during the new year. I hope she can recover soon from all illness. A good mother shouldn't deserve all the pain physically and emotionally. How am I going to repay her? I do hope I can faster earn money and repay her for working so hard for me. I pray to whatever out there, to give my mum a healthy body.

Wedding ring are worn on the forth finger

Hey, I just found out something quite funny and interesting. So share with you all provided that you have to follow step by step instruction. These simple "experiment" just one of the myth that why wedding ring had to be worn on the forth finger. Step 1: Put both of your plam together with all your fingers spreading apart. Step 2: Bend in one of your third finger and the other over it as shown in the picture below. Third finger in this case represent ourself. Step 3: Now, try to separate each of your thumb. This represent your parent, which will eventually leaves you one day inevitably. Step 4: Join back your thumb and try your fore finger. This represent your sibling, which will leave you one day when they set up their own family. Step 5: Join back your fore finger and try to separate your little finger. This represent your friends you know in your life. You could, of course separate easily. Which I personally thinks that little finger are useless other then using it

Orange days

I just finished the Japanese drama "Pride" by Takuya Kimura, now watching old classic "Orange day" by Kou Shibasaki. I like they both rocks, the guy so handsome and the girl so pretty. As I have already said in my older post, I love to watching drama marathon during exam period without fail. Probably to relief my post examinable stress. So recent updates, my class guy as usual go L4D then hanging out at club house. Then happen to know his girl who was studying in NP somemore in our own division. Can't recognize her and she so happen to be in my BIM class for almost one year already. Till we saw her again in BIM then recongize. Yeah, new smoke buddy. And study week almost got 1 week like that, all in all we are suppose to only study 2 module. CWT and STRA. Only these 2 are examinable. So kinda can relax before going out to attachment loh. Going to Sembcorp very soon, so not looking forward to it. Today revise with the guy and girl at school for NPMC. Cause I

My bests friend

My bestie is registering Ngee Ann. Yeah, and btw he was the one who convinced my to choose NP over SP. So the reason for me being here is him. So naturally, when he wanna get back to school, he has to reutrn the favor by coming to my school. Him on his modded Fino. Talking back on him, he is one of the bestie that I had known for the longest of my life. I get to know him since sec 1 so, its like about 14 years. Till now we are still keeping in contact. Though we are totally opposite of each other in term of personality, but we click like bots and nuts. Totally the most imprtant person happened to me during my most important period of my life. Throughout my tragical stay in NP, other than joined BE society, he coming to NP is the next thing that add color to my poly life. Although we will be studying in different course, I believes that we had more opportunity to see each other in school more often. I wouldn't be so lonely after school anymore. By the time I finished my bond, I

Free Cosmetic Product Sampling

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