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Fuck you gary. Please wake up ur idea

Aftevietnam trip, back to work life. This is the last quarter for the year. However if were to consider champion forum then it is the second last quarter. I had a good chance of going but will have to focus really hard.  Shit. I missed my tab 3 challenge by 1 card. Fuck. I am so close to taking home the visa challenge. Fuck duck.  For this quarter they took away sop but need to hit 50cc a week to avoid going back office 8:30am everyday. The comm scheme is stupid and the corp card is a joke.  Need to take selfie as proof working at the booth. After all the ntb fighter went sleeping due to the comm scheme. I felt one by one is waking up the fucking idea. I start feeling the pressure which is good as i need them to run for CF. it is a japan expenses all paid trip. Please gary. Wake up your fucking idea. It is a hard to come by chance to visit japan for free. You fucking duck. You are so close and why you always like to give up half way. You had a very good chance. Fuck u gary.  I am playi

Hanoi day 6

Good things do come to an end and i had my fair share of entertainment. Winter breaks in and i had to be back to topical singapore to focus back where i had left.  Overall, this is one of the best trip i had since a ling lonn time because of the carefreeness of this non agenda trip. No designation no goals. Jusr follow our heart and travel where our heart wanna go. What is bring back from this trip is good things doesn't need to be luxurious. Every little happiness is hidden around you. Most importantly is that you are with the people you love.  Live in the moment like walter mitty which i watched on silkair. Daydreamers should take actions cause life is about courage and going into the unknown.  Many things were left unsay and undone. Make me regret not watching walter mitty before the trip to inspire me to live in for the moment.  Had to really thanks sandy for being such a sweet darling taking care of me like a little baby. Don't let me forget the "easy dai kuan",

Hanoi day 5

Today is a long day, so much to talk about. I think this could be one of the most memorable day, though not in a good way.  We took 2 motorbike and when into motorcross mode. Jungle and off road bashing.  The terrain is a no joke. We had to climb slope with gradient and bash into jungle. Basically we are all over the place searching our point of interest. I did not know if all this effort is worth it for the trouble.  We had to stop over to ask local direction and everytime we ride pass the local, they will stare and take photograph at the 2 urban ladies in party outfit. They are just too out of place here. They were rare sight for the local. The island seriously had a more men over women population.  Journey up to the cliff and the road is not kind to us. Lots of humps and holes made me impress with vietnamese that there are no place a motorbike can't take you to. Give them a bike, they can give you a world.  The view on top of the cliff is astonishing. Breath-taking i mean litera

Hanoi day 4

Today suppose to visit some place then go back to hanoi but the man who provide wrong information to the boat location and timing screw us up big time. We woke up at 6am but supposing to catch the 7am boat to iceland but we was taken to the wrong harbour which will not be operational till 2pm. Screw up. We had to take a 2 hour bus ride to another harbour.  Halong was surprisingly a more colorful and vibrant city compared to hanoi. Took some really nice picture.  This is a crop from a paranoma shot. I just love this shot. So many things and tell so many stories like that. Okie la. I a bit overthink things. Around 12 noon we take off in one of the boat to iceland.  Okie. Now i realise i am not going to iceland. But goingn to an island. I see.  That is a sky view taken outside our new hotel. The hotel are newly built and all facilities are working nice and renovation done up.  In this island which is restricted to foreigner. I was told not to speak a single words to the local. Something l

Hanoi day 3

Day 3 woke up at 6am and prepare to go halong bay which will be 4 hours drive away from hanoi.  Recommended by the locals and clp so its on my top list although its expensive.  The bus trip took so long we watched huo yuan jia and god of gambler 2 movies and i listen music and sleep so many times in the bus.  Inside the cave is just some artifical lightning and i don't really know how to apreciate the nature wonder.  Thanks sandy for being the tour guide and ask me to randomly crash into other tour group to heard what they say. End up i crashed into a japanese group.  On the boat they brought us around the ocean to see some stones that the local said represent something. Just like the one printed on vietnam dong. The actual stone the actual spot where they took the picture for the notes. I don't find it fantinating to me.  The stone above is said to be a man and women kissing. Well you need to use a little imag