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get rich make me $53 poorer

Fuck!!! I spent money on in app purchase for line get rich. I am doomed. So impluse, the urge just too strong to fight against. I almost got all the diamonds rewards for the past 3 weeks events. That will include getting A+ maxed out 25 for 100 diamond. Getting COCO S class for 300 diamond. I maxed my gold dice. Following the jackpot discount for 5 diamond each I got 3 Panda Nana S class for 200 diamond. I missed the S pendant promo but Christmas I got all christmas pendal for a special premier charactor deck. Almost got all promotion for diamond. Before new year they launch the event to get special A and special S like the Princess Yuru and I spent all my 90 diamond on jackpot and didn't get any A or S. Then I so impluse go and buy USD19.90 for 440 diamond and open 44 times jackpot all got 10k gold. I buy again for USD19.90 and played 88 times jackpot!!!! Missed all the special S and 1000 diamond boxes. All give me 10k gold :( I am doom I am fucked up. Spend money on in ap

Lonely lonely christmas

Hi Blog. It has been so long since I had been blogging on my PC. I had always been using mobile blogging for 2 years now. And it is Christmas and it is liping asking me to blog and since I am at home on the Christmas I shall blog on PC. You know it is the time of the year where I write about my new years resolution and review on the yesteryear about my achievement and it is the time. But resolution post shall be saved till new year. This year Christmas is a stay home for me. Maybe just like last year, I can't remember. Christmas is a best time to stay home my friend say. Of course you can choose counting down and I do not lack for friends for that being a DSO, you almost can be sure that there are maybe 10 different group of friends celebrating and you are free to join in any one of them. But I just choose to avoid. All clubs are full, expensive, packed and dirty. You cannot just go home half way. There will be no cab till like say morning where you are jolly well take the

Where is the love?

I think I am not going to meet any girl anytime soon in real life. It has been 3 years and I had not been attracting any local delicacy at all. Not a single one. I do agree I am not attractive and if I am to meet someone like myself, I will not be considered myself as any dating material.  So sad but true. Maybe I should get a online girlfriend. But you know what, I tried skout, badoo, beetalk, lacanto, how about we... But you know it is like throwing out resume for job interview. I will never get shortlisted. I couldn't even get a proper rational responds from our female counter parts.  Why is love not coming to me. I read somewhere saying that you can only attract love when you give love. I stopped loving long ago. I forgot how is it to actual love somebody. I couldn't love. I could have love.  Speaking for love. Now I had enlightened myself not so long ago. Love is actually different from what we thought love is. Love to me is you do not want to see the person but you will m

One of my 2 faced shall be pretty

"If you are a two faced, at least make one of them pretty". I just came across this quote while watching The Wolf of Wall Street. Jordon Belford was faced with a dilemma between staying wealthy by working unethically or can choose to sell his friends out and retire with the limited wealth he already had. He chose where he greed takes him. Not only with him. I believe everyone is a two faced who had 2 image, one inter and one outer. Even some people may have more than 1 belief. I myself have the contradicting view of life myself. I hadn't got myself sorted one yet. And it is about wealth. On one hand I believe the more you hold on to something, the more you get to loss. (Buddhism teaching) On the contrary, The only things that stands between you and your success is the bullshit story you are telling as to why you can't achieve it. (Realism teaching) Very confusing. The world is coming to me in 2 direction. The inter self is fighting with my outer self. I just r