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Magic the Gathering

First 2 rare card I got from my first starter pack and deck respectively. Greatly inspired by Lhurgoyf then, and I am extremely proud killing my friends in one hit with average to 30 damages. When we first play our deck tend to contain mostly creatures. Icy Manipulator is useless in Ice Age version, which compared to Beta which doesn't required tapping of cards... Can you still remember the first rare card you got from your booster pack?

First day at DE consultant

My first day at DE, disappointed loh. Last time when I was doing environmental job, I hope it was a civil job. Now I gotten a civil job, I hoped that I had stick with environmental job at the first place. As a drafter, I need to help engineers draw CAD according to their requirement. I thought just some simple drawing like detailing or some cross section. But hell no loh. It was a whole effing site plan like a few blocks and it needs to be detail down to beam and column level. Now all the small little figure were so tiny I just wanted to fall asleep. Its not easy job. 8 full working hour plus 1 hour break in between. So every day 9 hours and I don't know if this is the kind of job for me. I contemplated to study environment now. I now prefers water treatment over all the beam beam beam. I am so sick of structural stuff now. It appears that I made a right choice by choosing Sembcorp. Water treatment is like 10 time more exciting than Civil lah. Then this question suddenly oops i
They say its the person and not the camera that makes the picture. I totally agree. Before we even think about exploring options of aperture or shutter priority, we need to compose a picture properly. A good camera person fully utilize an under rated camera. Well, I stumble upon some sites which feature some really nice picture taken with the "Silver Surfer" or the "Dark Vader", name after the silver and black version of N82 respectively. I still can't get enough of N82 and yes I am gloating. Not having a DSLR doesn't give us the excuses of not taking stunning pictures. Lets see some really nice shot submitted by all the N82 community. Can you believe it?

Results released

Alright, got a little bit of catching up to do on my blog. Sorry to myself, I didn't feel like blogging much recently. Not because nothing to updates but because I had too many show to watch. Survivor, Beauty and the Geek, The Real Huster etc. My tumblr blog will be a place where I note down favorable quotes from all these show. Like keeping me inspired. Okie, gonna note some of my major happen since last day of examination. Not lining in particular chronological order. Went around hunting for jobs, and sort of shortlisted by a company which require me to do Auto CAD drawing. At the same time, also went from training at Singapore Pool as a tele operator. I was harder than I thought it was suppose to be. So job wise is much. Okie, congratulate myself for passing my Dipolma from Civil and Environmental Engineering. Last semester was complete mess up, and I had like prepared for the worst. Turn out, it was better than I anticipated. One less thing to worry about. Anyhow apply for

All time best movies that you don't want to miss

I am so embarrassed to say that I had just finish watching Armageddon. Armageddon was produced in 1998 and I watched it in 2010. Well, 12 years late but let me tell you. I was astonished. I can't believe it was made 12 years ago. The effects were so dynamic that it totally put "2010" to shame, and I cried 3 times. Good movies are hard to come by nowadays. A lot of a time, we were left disappointed with all the so called Blockbuster at the cinema. Seriously, apart from those essential elements like, creditable director, handsome/pretty casts and a good love story, personally I think a great theme song should go along with it. Like "I don't wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith, sure it will strike the movie's impression deep into our subconsciousness. Liv Tyler & Ben Affleck Since I am already talking about Armageddom, might as will I mention Liv Tyler . Whao! People were saying the hottest girl on earth is Megan Fox. Common lah. You should watch Arm

Seletar Lvl 30 Buffalo Wings - reverse peristalsis

Before reading this entry, you will want to load the video below. It takes awhile Time: 5:57 With a lot of anticipation since the Mexican buffalo wing, level 5. We went back again for more punishment. This time, Weiheng joined in our action. The daredevil mission. Level 10!! This time, we took a cab in. We reached there at around 5pm on the Friday evening. Well, I should say its very empty. Only us and another table. Unlike last Sunday night. Click here to read our first attempt on level 5. While waiting for Ethan who's on the way, we ordered some beer and cheezy fries to go along first. A very nice place to chill out and catch up with friends. Once Ethan reached, we got the challenge started. Ordered level 10!! Ethan not someone who enjoyed spicy food. His furthest achievement was level 5 and he stopped. He wanted to sit out of the whole performance and be our camera man for the day. Level 10 was double spicy than level 5. Its very hot but still bearable. We even offered

Facebook Fail

Caught involving in adultery.... Caught having low IQ...... Caught back stabbing..... Becareful of your social apps. The more you use it, the more you fail it... source: