I fine thank you, what about you?

Just watch i fine thank you love you, and i really had my ass laughed off. Its a romance comedy and very light hearted with slezzy joke. They have the ost mv of them dancing the popular thai ugly dance. 

I just realise the actor filed in bedside detective and the actress filmed in atm rak error. Both i had watched and enjoyed. 

I recommend watching with ur thi rak. 

Kill me. They are such beauty and beast. I wonder why thai all look so pretty?

Icon 2 having some tag me event and they got us download the d club and force us to write review and we can get the chance to stick the sticker on any women. I like it move it move it. More booze for me. 

Do i look like sunny in the thai movie. Okie lah don't puke on me. I think i looks better if skinner....



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