Happy new year 2015

My rate of entry is like once every month. Now really got not much to update. Different day but same shit. This month is lunar new year, happy new year 2015 to yang meh meh. Valentine day no one celebrate with me, no chocolate and no flower :( 

Thanks ms chin for making time to entertainment me for movies and dinners. Made me have some chance to post update on my blog. 

Had coffee at one of my favorable cafe robert tim. 

Had a good shop at takka to spee my free taka voucher from sales challenges. 

Shop for some nice knife for mum to better prepare her soup. I am having home make soup finally. After so many years for waiting, i finally can go back home for some mode made dinner. Having soup for dinner should prevent me to eat junk food at night. 

No one buy me chocolate. I buy for myself. Twenty plus from japan premier choc and they taste like shit. 

Had a 40 plus steak. Dunno what cut but i think its just too expensive and do not waorth so much in that kind of setting. 

We had this dinner at taka exactly the same place same sit with ysblast time when i bring him to buy my agnes b bag. Using taka voucher also. 

Champion forum gets to go Osaka and Kyoto in japan all paid trip. To recap, champion forum is for running of 9 months straight, basing on result from 4 category. New to bank customer, overdraft facilty, saving account and loans. It is really not very easy to qualify to meet requirements from all 4 catogery. I guess only 10 out of 130 can meet requirement after 9 months. As of writing, 7th month i had not meet all requirement yet but is getting close. And out of 10 only around 5 to 6 people can go japan. It is prestige and i am really closed if you get a look on forecast. Anyway i am damn close. I can smell the sushi from japan :)



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