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Workplace interpersonal skill at MIS

Attended the "workplace interpersonal skill" workshop at MIS. Special thanks for the trainer Celiecia, for being so motivating and encouraging. She helped me to open up and unleashed my true nature. Sucess in a way I built rapports with everyone including the trainer. I felt appreciated. Some of the remarks were as followed. "-its fun to have u in the class -i liked ur working attitude -u have to work on ur spelling" "hi gary, i liked the way u present your problems at ur workplace. U are so direct and honest. U have the potential to do a higher level of job. Keep it up" "like: you are a joker Dislike: be confidence" "be focus Good out going nature" "evina and gary are outspoken persons. They are sharing their views in the class which is very useful" " -A fun person to work with - be sensitive to others" " i liked the way he made the whole class laugh with his humor" These are small a


I always have a thing for oldies. Some songs will just trigger my sense of nostalgia, just like a time machine sending me back to the past. While listening to my favorite oldies, time stops and I will have the moment to smell the flowers or appreciate small little things around me. Song 总要在雨天 brings me back to age 5. To marina square bowling ally with mum, dad, 4th uncle and aunty. I still remember the arcade game vougely. The sandwhich and coffee, like I still able to taste them right now. Although I do not deny all sandwhiches and coffee tastes similar. For those that this song plays significant. Lay back and enjoy.

Saturday late night - X-men

Saturday night was great. For so long we didn't have the chance to walk each other side by side and talks on topic that randomly comes to mind. Its an romantic Saturday night. Met at 10pm at summer set 313, walking just aimlessly to and fro. Could have met qinghe they all, but in the end still decided to spend with each other. Walk 20 minutes to Cathay to look for 24hours starhuck and endes up watching X-men. Show ended at 3am and we had green tea latte while playing bug village on ipad. Cab home and spent somemore quanity time together and installing other games on ipad and iphone. Haha. I enjoyed this Saturday night.