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A random start for 2011

Whao, hasnt been blogging for the last 300 years. This will be my first post for year 2011. By right i should put some resolutions, yet i do not have the mood to do so. Okie, lets forget about these 3 months, its too far for me to even try to frabricate all those events. Cant remember. Puuuuuu. Throw it behind my head. Its gone. So moving forward i gonna rejuvinate the blog from here. Alright, fatty bom bom was sent back to where it came from. We didnt havr the time to commit, and i dont even think of playing nice guy here, giving excuses that we didnt neglect her. It is what it is. Speaking about work, I am probably having the best time since working.. Took 2 days leave during CNY breaks made it totally of 9 days. Havent feels so carefree for a long time. I probably made it 7 months into my career. I am seeing some momentum. I hate to be in PD Eng. But after desale project, i was tasked some project management stuffs which made it a lot more interesting than before. Illega

My mobile transcation log

3gs black -450 +580 = +130 N8 black -789 + 750 = -49 3gs white -600 W995 -90 + 160 = +70 N86 -270 N8 -550 -- Post From My iPhone