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Toast Master Project 2: Organising your speech

I thought I am able to pull off the prepared speech unprepared. I was assuming I could flow out my presentation impromptu for project 2. Seem I had overestimated. In reality, my content flew left right center, all over the shop. Got myself a recorder standing of 36 false filler for the evening. I was so engrossed in my thoughts I didn't realise my time had exceed 7 minutes, and I was still carried on and on. Until the 3 repeated bells then I realised that I exceed the allowable timing by 1:42s. Nevertheless, I am grate I went through, although I had to redo project 2. Thanks Sam, my mentor for the motivation. He's my role model sia, within 1 year already managed to attain ACB. Thanks Peter Lee was the motivational speech on "just do it", thanks Jimmy on the "pursue of happiness" that taught me the moment of life is to have fun at that moment, "Why So Serious". If anyone interested to see my unfinished speech, that I brought up to stage on my Sa