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My tarot reading on Iphone

I think I am crazy. For a person who doesn't believes in tarot cards, i actually went to try it. On an Iphone somemore. It gave me ambiguous result so I could not fault it. Since I can't fault it, it led me into believing that it could be true. I asked for love/romance. Shutted my eyes, shuffle the deck by shaking the iphone and randomly shuffle the deck by swiping my finger on the screen. My result was as follows. There is actually an particular order to read it. Past. Present. Future. Environment. Unconscious. Solution. Conculsion. XV The Devil Reverse position You can leave self obsession behind you by confronting the feelings of jealousy. MEANING: The card indicates a heart which is filled with greed, selfishness, and jealousy. It shows a vicious circle of egocentric behaviour which can then bring resentment and anxiety. One needs to look carefully and honestly at these feelings rather than sink deeper into them. V The Hierophant Normal position Your heart is brimming wi

Lok lok at Taman Sentosa

LOK LOK!!! Weeeee.... After craving it for so long, I finally got the chance to go in and eat again. A very enjoyable trip yesterday night with buddies to Taman Sentonsa, Johor. Really, I think it was the companionship that made the whole experience better. We talk cock again in Qing He's car with Jiayi and Raymond, you know those topic that only certain friends will understand. They know you, and they laughs at your stupid jokes. Genuinely. My favorite Lok Lok at Taman Sentosa. We were lucky to be early so not much crowd. I mean its certainly not for hygiene conscious people. The pot of water was shared with other stranger and the indigent although fresh but exposed to the busy streets and stuff. Dust and bacteria all, you know. Its dirty street food, but we don't care. That's the whole reason that made it best. Our body are catered for dirty food :) Price wise is not considered cheap by local standard. While you indulge one after one and talk with friends at the same t

Disorder in the American Courts

These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters who had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place. ATTORNEY : This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? WITNESS : Yes. ATTORNEY : And in what ways does it affect your memory? WITNESS : I forget. ATTORNEY : You forget? Can you give us an example of something you forgot? ATTORNEY : Do you know if your daughter has ever been involved in voodoo? WITNESS : We both do. ATTORNEY : Voodoo? WITNESS : We do. ATTORNEY : You do? WITNESS : Yes, voodoo. ATTORNEY : Now doctor, isn’t it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn’t know about it until the next morning? WITNESS : Did you actually pass the bar exam? ATTORNEY : The youngest son, the twenty-one-year-old, how old is he? WITNESS : Uh, he’s twenty-one. ATTORNEY : Were you present when your picture was taken? WITNESS : Are

3 of my motor and no more motor for me.

Despite my father's strong disapproval for me to ride motor, I still went ahead to take my Class 2B license. That period when I was 18, all I wanted was the freedom to travel on Singapore road, my way. Are we not tired sitting on other people's transport? Every teenager wants freedom and motorcycling is the cheapest way to get around it. No more excuses of mid night charges when friends ask you out of supper. However, taking a license isn't down right easy. You need perseverance, patient, passion and efforts to travel a long way to the driving center. I didn't persevere, it took me a good 3 years to finally attain my class 2B. My motivation? I think my camp Ang Mo Quee was so ulu and troublesome for my to take bus or MRT. That's why I had to get my own transport. I could not tell you my excitement when I first got my Class 2B. So you think you pass your Class 3 only, you got your euphoria. Entirely different okie. Do you really own your car that you are driving.

Sorry no cure.

Overly apologetic people use apology as a defensive mechanism. After all, if you are really really sorry about what you had done, how can anyone be madder than they should be? They apologied and you sure forgive them right? Wrong! Overly apolopetic people are irritating. Apologetic people willing, without question always put themselves in a situtation that they had said something or done something wrong. Inevitablely breaking down their self esteem and made them insecure. Apologing over almost everything make you feels you can't do anything better of what you perceived had done wrong, or simply perceived that everyone else thinks that you had done something wrong. Being overly perceptive towards other's opinion, leads you believing you are not worth so much and apology is the only correct thing to do. Or maybe to help them get out of awkward situations by simpy admitting faults, its the easiest way out, right? So much so, we wondered. Is it genuine? Everyone has a differen

An invitation from NUS 2010

Its all a long waited acknowledgement from the local most outstanding and prestige University which stands to the test of time. National University of Singapore had sent me a surprise parcel that comes in a brown papered envelop, thick enough to hide a double cheese burger. Exaggerating of course. Even before I attempts to open it up, I expected it to be an acceptance letters. Not being complacent here but more or less I reckon that they wouldn't be bother to send out a thick parcel just to inform you that you had been rejected, along with some freebies or coupons to lighten up your spirit. That will be stupid and not their style. A oldest school in Singapore are of attitude. Never hear them say YES, you have to take its as a NO. Happily opens the package. WHAT!!!! I had been offered into Environmental Engineering. That's was a shock for me. I never see that coming. A course that contain 90% AAA/A or GPA 3.9 equivalent had wanted me in their course. Its a double edged swo

5 days of misery in DE

Key note of the day. I quitted my job as a drafter from DE consultant. I am sick and tired of the job, probably also due to the environment that I am in. People kept to themselves, the painful silence. Only clicking and typing sound were presence in the vicinity of my office. Isolated in my cell with claustrophobia out to hunt me. Done! Stated in the contract that I have to give a 2 weeks prior notice upon tendering resignation. I speak to the director to forfeit my pay for the past few days so that I can leave like immediately. It was that bad. Of course they agree, but put it in a way like they were reluctant. BS... Alright, need to find a job real quickly now. But what kind of job should I be looking? I prefer interaction with people. My way of keeping my sanity going. I prefer tech savvy orientated. That's my forte. I prefer sales. I am persuasive and chatty. I think I go look up some hand phone sale promoter. I think I am born to do this. I don't know just that the inte

Black Iphone 3G 16GB

I have sleep problem for this week. Insomnia so to speak. I stay awake till 4 plus and then takes a little rest on bed, then for some reason I wake up at 6. Either because of bad dream or bad posture. Weather is hot and humid too. On first night, I wake up because I had a dream of me watching a horror movie that fright me out of my bed. It was so real and I thought I was actually watching a real horror show. So I got amazed that there is horror show that actually made me scared. So I wake up and start to search for horror movie of all time. I watched a couple of all time scariest movie including "The Shining", "Child's Play" and "Silence of the Lamb". But all was no good. I think as we grew older and older, experience in life kicks in all the time and I begin to be very rational. And it just leaves no room for imaginations. 2nd night which was last night, I jump out of bed after 2 hours sleep again. And suddenly had an impulsiveness to buy an iphone.

4 pointer sucks

My good buddy did it, and I am so envy. His 2nd semester got all AD for all modules including IS. Its getting boring. I wished mine was so good. Regretfully, I had no chance with the gold medalist. Hoping for silver but from what I see, it is very unlikely. But all in all, I am still happy with myself with the overall result compared to what I had set 3 years ago. They say aim for the moon and you may get the star. Eh, which one is further away? Haha confused. My case was over, don't worry friends. To those who knows whats going on, I had gotten over it and now looking at one less thing to worry about. Today went to people's park with YS to look for LG arena. He complained that I can convince him to shop in this boring complex for more than 2 hours. Haha $185 for my LG arena, mint condition however the firmware seems to be a bit not stable. Crushes several times and auto restart itself. He said its pointless for me to keep beating around bushes and get the Iphone once and f