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Pinnacle notes series 9 & 10 poster misleding

They say that when they want to show you to hell, they will feed you with sweet so that you will be tempted. And when they want to show you to heaven, they will give you pain so that you can build your resistant. This is somewhat a Chinese direct translation. Now lets take a look at this advertorial poster from the infamous pinnacle notes saga. What is the mood of the picture? How do you feel about it? Does this picture gives you a very positive feeling about it? The boy looks very cuddly and with the toy bear and toy bull in this arm... Wait! Doesn't it resemble something? Right. Isn't he trying to imply that he is both happy when the market is having a bullish or bearish market? If you like me have the good feeling about this poster, in that time we would both became the victim of the fallen investment.  This is as bad as a misrepresented poster can go. Take a look at the fine print below at point number 2 it say that the notes are not principle guaranteed. This mi

Am I that ugly?

Today at Yishun shop, we were chatting with the renovation contractor on some random topic. About JB, KL, drugs, girls and all the ah beng's talk. It was so bored me to death and I haven't sleep for the whole night. Suddenly he mentioned that in JB where those doing illegal business earn so much money. Even "people as ugly as me" can find a hot girl. Now wait.... In a grp of me jiayi and himself an uncle, he need to quote that even people as ugly as me gets a GF. I have no problem that anyone is getting a GF, I am even fine that ugly people get a GF, but he use quote like "people as ugly as me", that I have a problem. Big problem. Why?!?!? Now i became the benchmark of ugly???? Being self awareness, I know that I may not pass of as handsome but am I to the point of being ugly. Don't worry it didn't hurt my feeling, partly because I am strong, I don't care what other people thinks of me and I really don't mind being not handsome. But I l