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Singapore hotness Buffalo wing at Seletar

After watching Numbnut where they did a humiliation by eating super hot buffalo wings. From what I can tell, it seems the hotness was unbearable by some people, you would have puke, faint and stuff. Consider myself someone who had a high threshold for spicy food, I was skeptical. So we hit on the road on a car and venture into a journey to find the hidden gem. Beside famous for its hot wings, it's also famous for its inaccessibility. Located deeply inside seletar airbase. First timer would get lost easily, so here is the location to get there : 140B Piccadilly S797754, Seletar AirBase Tel: 64820244 First and foremost, please call for a reservation. Its hell crowded. And drive in Seletar Airbase heading the East Camp direction. There are small little barely noticeable road sign guiding you but still might get lost! Follow the sign till you reach the Singapore Flying Club. The famous chicken wings comes in levels 0 -10, and they had a hidden level 30! expect to bring a fat
Today RCD was difficult. I managed to finish 20mins earlier, and I didn't bother to check the paper. I used to sit through the very last minute during exam as I want to make sure I could score the highest possible. Check for mistake here and there very spider lidat. But today I just gave up, I submitted early and walk out, I see no point sitting there cause I know I can't do any better already. I came in only 80% prepare. I had to pin point question to study because I don't have much time for revision. I stayed till 4am last night to chiong, really tired. While walking out, I saw Weiheng drew the detailing for column design and I say "fuck", I forget to do. 8 marks question, I only solved for soil pressure. Really chee bye. I blame my lack of sleep for this stupid mistake. Overall, manageable but can't really score flying color plus project didn't complete. Now I am burning midnight oil again for WRT. One night for the whole book revision, and fuck I do


Yeah finished my APMC. Lady luck with me man, calculation stand around 50% and the rest 50% theory manageable. Just keep my finger cross, and hope the 'A' will come crawling to me. Heng that I also revised with WeiHeng the night before for our calculation. We started 2pm till 10pm. Straight... Only break in between for food and toilets. Well, he intro me this series of vids called Numbnuts. Two crazy people challenging each other and then do crazy forfeit. Numbnuts Hutch and Mike face-off in crazy challenges where the loser suffers a shitty penalty.

Hacking N82 v31.0.16

Hacking N82 to install unsigned applications New site for signing found, go here: Code: Prerequisites: * An unhackable phone * A OPDA cert , here you can sign apps online: Code: * Except for cert+key a .bat file so you can sign is included in the package. * Time * Some brains How to do it: 1. Use sign!.bat and follow the instructions(IMPORTANT!, YOU NEED A OPDA CERT) 2. Install MapDrives_v1.00_DiskAdmin_signed.sis 3. Install Jbak TaskMan 1.00 4. Copy MapDrives.txt to E:\ 5. Copy your installserver to E:/Hack/sys/bin/installserver.exe 6. Start JBak Taskman software and go (-> -> Program start -> search & select MapDrives -> Press More -> Programs Rule -> select "AutoStart" -> OK) 7. Restart your phone. 8. Delete MapDrives and install 8_MapDrive_Y_signed.sis (for N82, N95, N95-8GB, E71 (all phones with Y: drive, else, 8_MapDrive_H_signed.sis if you have H: )) and then start the

Upload picture to facebook on your N82 or S60

Now you can upload picture with Facebook plug in on S60 phones. I had installed on my N82 and extremely excited by its features. Upload plugin for S60 by furtiv 1. download and install through on your mobile 2. find your freshly installed app and look for furtiv icon 3. click on the icon and get to a black screen and download the plugin from furtiv itself. 4. After that click activate and you will see facebook in your ovi share, subsequently if you want to configure youtube, twitter in ovi share, click . It will be incorporated into the ovi share together with Picasa and Youtube if I am not wrong.

Free Nagivation cracked on N82

Nokia.Maps.v2.0.2602.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Unsigned.C racked-illusion ** For hacked phone only ** unless you know how to sign your own apps See the world in a new way with Nokia Maps. With downloadable maps for more than 200 countries, and millions of points of interest to be discovered, there are treasures to be found and shared. Explore… You can find your destination and plan your route street by street, city to city. You can get a different perspective with satellite, hybrid, and street maps. And, you can enhance your visit with multimedia city guides. Drive… Get a clear view of the road ahead with Drive. World-class car navigation with turn-by-turn visual and voice guidance, plus added real-time traffic feeds and dynamic re-routing to help you arrive

Valentine + CNY 2010 feat. CLP

2nd day of New Year and CLP isn't in Singapore with me. Already start missing her. I wonder how am I going to get through her 6 weeks immersion program in Vietnam? 14th of Feb, Valentine day she was away to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. We celebrated in advance. Went to Seng Siong to buy food, includes many yummy like lobsters, prawns, abalone, mushroom, crab meat and etc. Anyway, it meant to be a big feat. So all in all, I spent $66 for all the stuffs. Head home and start preparing. Indian Xiao Long Nu The prawn was the killer, cost $17 for only 400g (9 prawn) Okie, I should say it was an long and tiring process. Preparing of food and ingredient includes fussy step like thawing, cutting garlic, ginger, slicing of fish etc. I had not been using the rice cooker since Australia trip. I don't claim myself to be a person who can cook really nice food, but edible at least. Better than CLP whom only knows how to cook eggs. Wahaha... Well, it was supposed to be a candle light

Hotmail server setting on S60 phone

Hotmail POP3 access is now available to All Smartphone users WORLDWIDE. I finally got it running on my N82. Although I had the Nokia Messaging and Mail of Exchange installed, I still prefers to manually retrieve my mail under my default Messaging. Use this information when setting up your email account on your phone: -POP server: (Port 995) -POP SSL required? Yes -User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example -Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live -SMTP server: (Port 25) -Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password) -TLS/SSL required? Yes Get out to message and then click on retrieve email now. TeeHee

I cooked fish today

Follow up on our Lobster-li-ous meal at Manhattan Fish Market. Recently we just can't get enough of Omega3. We seems to keep getting back to Manhattan and Fish & Co. for more and more fish. I can't get over the lobster. Not just lobster, its FLAMING LOBSTER. Plus the sources... OMG.... So I go and learn to cook fish myself. For Valentine candle light dinner!! I am going to prepare grill fish and red wine. For when we get tipsy, we can savor the night for..... *evil grin* So of course the fish I prepare must pass the OSHA and ISO9001 standards. So today I went for a trial run. Basically tried 2 methods before taking the best of the 2. Pan Frying Ingredient: Catch of the day, ginger, 5 star butter, oil, pinch of salt and pepper, 花叼酒 and Johnnie walker. YES! Its whisky!!! Oven Grilling Ingredient: Catch of the day, ginger, 5 star butter, oil, pinch of salt and pepper, 花叼酒 and Johnnie walker. YES! Its whisky!!! Oh, same as the one on top ar... Haha, did I say got differe

Lobsterlious meal

Addicted to draw on sketchbook. Picture contributed by clp. Went to collect spec on sat at suntec. Ethan came and join us for shopping. Then have lunch and dinner at pepper lunch and matthentan fish market respectively. We had a lobster-li-ous meal :) Cny around e corner together with valentine day. So long never see ah ma. Missed lasy year cny cos father run away home. If this year he run away again, i dont get to see ah ma again. I wanna go see AH MA!!! You hear that father? I going to pick up soccer betting soon. Ironic for a guy to not know how to bet soccer. I already interviewed part time job already. Gonna have a 6 mths break, better go mine gold already. Last week of school yes!! Go hell you bastard. I wan school no more.

SD presentation

Today SD presentation is a full dress. IE I had to fix myself into the horrendous formal wear. Hot and tight like hell. Overall, the other 2 groups had an out standing presentation. Specially, I like the way Daniel carried himself while presenting. Thumps up. Yesterday, I spent the whole day rendering my 1 minute video walk-through from Rivit 9. Not spendid but I thought it was well done at least. It was a crucifying process. To my horror, Sim 3 game on PC can do better. Somemore excluding the time for rendering. Sadded. Now most of the project are due. I felt very much relieved. At least the examination will be leaving solely to myself. Not being reliance to other is good. I had a whole one week for study break. I should not give myself excuses that I do not have the time to study. Task this weekend.. RCD project APMC lab report Enrollment to University So talking about uni. I had initially chose NTU as I wanted to specialize more on technical and hands on aspect. They were ranged