Workplace Banking the short and sweet

WPB047 Alternative Sales Division
I tried many interviews and ended but had 2 offers. The Dbank offers a higher basic Relation Manager, which I applied through job street. The Ubank offers a higher commission by success HR. One job is a new undertaking of new financial products the other the old credit facilities product. 

I decided to go for the higher commission side. However not because of the money alone, but because there are a lot of old colleagues jumped ship to that bank. 

During the short 3 months I met some new colleagues and rekindle with some old ones.

Jerad and Matthew the frog

大壮 Jacky the Bull
Rodrick the ball
Alan and Fabian the 2 pillar
 Workplace Banking was so much like my old role as DSO but a bit of a difference. The plus point is that there are more branches hence the shorter working hours during branch day. More corporate roadshow instead of public roadshow hence better chance to sign up NTB and of course shorter working hours.

Other than shorter working hours, the commission is more stable as the account is easier to hit tier with lesser effort and working hours. Hence the stable monthly income. It is really a good platform to earn money and build back portfolio.

The manager is very relaxed and flexible, by right working here meaning shorter hours and flexibility which suit my lifestyle well. However a lot of time the scope was the same as my previous job which I had bottlenecked. And the reason why I left my old job.

A lot of people advise me to stay and earn more money before moving on but if everyday you go to work before you are working for the money, you are actually really "working". A career on the other hands need to be fulfilling and there are things to learn and to grow different skill set.

A lot of them are stuck with the job because the pay was so high, but in the end the inter growth might be stagnet. When decided to move on, there are no job that offers the same salaries anywhere. All place you go to is a pay cut. It will be in a vicious cycle.

 Since working for the corporate the basic is very import. I need to start rising my basic and not focus too much on the commission alone.

Soon I will be going to a new role, keep you all updated on the new scope of work. I am very excited.

Christmas 2018 

KTV session at K-star



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