HCM and Vung Tau trip

2nd HCM of the year after phi phi Island last month, I am off to HcM to attend a friend wedding. Although that are mishap to our plan but we are still a fun group to be around with.

It not easy as I managed to hitch my 2 single friend up over the last last trip to Danang. That was Joyce from UOB and Chris from GE. Yes. Thats a match made done by me. And well I am still very single myself. But two of my BFF hitched I am so happy for them, this trip they went on as a couple :)
This is my one bag travel packing list to HCM with them. End up I became a shopaholic myself and spent 3 days attacking Saigon Square the distributor market in HCM.
In a nutshell this trip was unlike the Danang trip last Dec which was a lot of bonding and outdoor activities. This time we separated into group to do individual shopping so missing out bonding part. Hopefully there will be still chance to do it again in the future. Still a bunch of good soul to hangout with.
Went back Singapore, rest for a week and sell a lot of my stuff online at very cheap life. I realise i don't need so many thing as i tried minimumist travelling. Still remember I hadnt finish writing on my capsule closet last year. I start packing and get rid of my belonging and sold most of my preloved prada bag. So sad to see them go but we have to make room for other stuff. Different phases of life we need different things. And old item are hard to part but don't want to hog the whole house with useless stuff. Again pack lightly to go for HCM for an one way ticket. Wish to do the HCM and Hanoi trip on bike which is 1,618km apart and will take 3 weeks for completion. After book ticket then realise have to host my 2 hanoi friend back home. Book another return fligt so only left with 6 days at HCM.
Prepared my room like a hotel so they can sleep comfortably in the room before I fly to HCM. Off to my solo trip and this will be the 3rd time going HCM this year.
Since this time is really alone alone. So i make a trip to pripority lounge which i had not been using for the last 3 years. They do serve free food and beer at the lounge so kudos.
I highly recommend the Couchsurfing app to meet like minded tourist oversea when you are travelling alone. You will be surprise the opportunity this app offers. Very legit app and people I met are genuine and friendly. Guess we are all on the same boat. Solo travellers.
Finally, get to try riding HCM crazy traffic. My picture and video cannot do the hactic traffic justice. North south east west, left right center. Especially riding in HCM you need to be assertive be it you are beating the red light or you are against the traffic. All is perfectly normal. Rule of thumb, if in doubt, just go. The rest will give way.
Vang Tau beach was a perfect getaway from the city life. A lot of Vietnamese local were here over weekend. Me and Aline had slept over at a hostel to experience our first backpacker life. And she is also the first time bringing her bike out of HCM city. She was initially so worried about me riding her bike in HCM city and the long 120km from HCM to Vung Tau. There was a lot of heavy truck on the highway, but I ride like a master, ultimately she was relieved and she took a nap behind me.
There are also sleeping point along the highway and when you feel sleepy on the highway you can stop over and nap on the net in a shed. They do also serve cafe, which is my favourite in Vietnam.
So happen dien dien lien is coming back her hometown on weekend. She works in HCM but weekend go back to Vung Tau to take care father. Not even planned she just happen to stay next to our hostel. I met dien dien lien in HCM. Khung Ha~
Last night, meet dien dien Lien in HCM again to have last supper. Talk about ship dropping and she crazy ideas of one bag travel. Lining up trip will be Dalat, Nha Trang and New Zealand. Happening hopefully before end of the year.

Everything is nice, but writing blog now becoming more and more tiring. A video should speak a thousand words. Very brief but you get the idea.



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