Champion forum trip to Australia Melbourne in 2015

A short 4 minutes video will wrap up the whole trip, read on if you want details....

Very lucky to be going to champion forum 2015 as a second time winner. Last year Champion forum was going to Japan Osaka and Koyto. This year sitting for DS platform had shrunk whatever it is, I applied my 80/20 rules, and most importantly, I achieved my 2nd milestone and that's all it matter.

This year we didn't extend our trip like last year, Australia is not a new place for me. As I had been there for 3 times already.

bid farewell by singapore colleague 

Reach reception at CF welcome tea function

We stayed in grand hyatt hotel in the heart of Melbourne city. Very grand hotel which otherwise I would not have book them myself if not that company had make a full expenses paid trip. Love that everyday we will be surprise with randomese gift place inside of our hotel room and I gonna say that this year gift I had love it so much compared to last year. That includes, crumpler backpack, sport wind breaker, water bottle and a Australia duffer bag. I loved the duffer bag the most.

First night we were invited to a buffet welcome dinner, and the spread and quality of the food is impressive, all protein was of most premiere quality. Take is lamb for example, the preparation and the cooking was top notch and I had taken like 6 piece medium well lamb and its so succulent juicy meat. No worries on beer cause in Australia, you get free flow of beer, wine and champagne everyday and every night.

In Australia, everyone gets their fair share of alcohol fix. My BFF joyce, soh ge and tan ge. I think I brought a culture to citibank. I like to call all people for ge and jie at the back. This is similar to the japanese culture where they name each other san at the back to imply politeness. This practice had went viral across the DS platform.

We spent first night practicing our dancing at the gym, we were not as excited to the dance compared to last year but we still want to put in effort in all our undertaking in Citibank. We are the Singapore faces and we will not want to put us to shame. That our ethic and commitment we have for our platform. The spirit of Champion I guess. 

Second day, we had a light schedule including, ice breaker amazing race, see penguin at Philip island plus of cause our dinner. First thing, we got scrambled into different country group to go around Melbourne city for amazing race. It sort of bring us to different point of interest in the city and we get to feel the city more. 

My amazing race group comprising of bankers from Indian, China and Australia. One of the attraction Hoister lane, I will share some photo later. Its a very unique lane that feature freelance graffiti art on the walls.

Also we were up to the Eureka sky deck on level 88. Highest in Melbourne and this is also the second time I visit it. First time is with Yan ru during our Bendigo attachment. 

After Philip island watch Penguin goes home after sunset, we had our dinner at a full course meal restaurant. 

At mid night we went to casino to try to upgrade my citigold account. Turn out I lost $200. I was hoping to win the $250k jackpot just by merely draw a royal flush in that night. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Haha. Andrew lost his wallet and CG assist by winning 3k that night and split the loot. Very nice for CG.

3rd day, we start by having our adrenaline activities at go kart. They are indoor with air con and their car is fast. You can drift when going into a corner. CG lead singapore team to number 2 in standing after the korean guy. Nice job.

The same night we had our gala dinner, the one that we get our award on stage and we have to dress up in very formal wear. Happy to be there. 

Let have a selfie with my director and he is very nice and forgiving to me. Although I will be leaving the company straight after the trip he was still enough to let me go for the trip. Furthermore he tried to kept me within the company by offering me a couple of position in progress despite I haven't reach my job rotation duration. 2 years by default. He say if I am interested to go insurance, I can be a insurance specialist or personal banker which can be promote to relationship manager within as short as 1 year. Really appreciate the effort from my director he even say that I can come back anytime if things get difficult outside. What more can i ask from my company. 

singapore DSF winners

Juliet aka Luan aka Lu'an
Have to special mention this lady, she always a inspirational lady since I know her last year CF. Her attitude to life is great. She had been a 4th time winner going 5th time I think. She has a sister who I believe also went for 5 to 6 time CF. She spend money on appeal like nobody business. I very trust on her view and recommendation on fashion item. Everytime we go shopping together I got cross sold instantly on the spot and I would not regret on the spending. Although very expensive but they are suitable and exquisite.

The blazer is the same one I wore last year, but last year I was in bow tie and this year I op in for the tie. Instantly you will almost think that its different suit from last year. I could have tailor 1 more set for around $500 but it will contradict with my capsule wardrobe concept

I put on weight as compare to last year. Although last year I had already put on more weight. Now is heavier. FML. It just spoilt the whole picture. 

Next year I will not be there again. But what I bring out of citibank, I would want to excel in any future career and put what I have learnt in citi, the attitude and mentality to carry on pushing my boundary. I agree to them saying the best first job after your graduation should be in sales industry. When I was young I underestimate sales job. There is a stigma to sales person as we generally regard them as low educated and sneaky. But I learnt too late. First the potential income is higher. And when you work on sales, you almost becoming motivated as every sales belongs to yourself and your commission, unlike corporate job tends to make you shove off the responsibility on anything that you are working on. And in life you need to learn how to sell, how to promote and package a product. As in life, everyday you are selling yourself, convincing anyone or everyone to do what you want them to do. Learn to convince and confuse :)

last day we went to another to do shopping and they are very excited to get G star according to them some of the design cannot be brought in singapore and the price is generally a bit cheaper to singapore. Since luan said that the G star raw jean is very nice. I brought it. But fuck, the jean cost $270. Oh my fucking god. this is the most expensive jean I can afford. Probably can amount to the total of jean I buy in my life. So you will ask what so special about this jean, and according to luan. the special of the jean is that it can only be washed once every 2 year -_-''

Hoister lane is the street where people do graffiti and its sort of a very nice place in Melbourne, went there and take some picture.

the latest in pose
mickey moused my director

 The whole event end with our citi can dance. And I was already drunk when I was dancing on the stage. Drunk level is I already couldn't recollect how i make it to stage, because that I already lost. The person that is dancing on the stage behalf of me is my another half. My split personality brother who is carry my body whenever I am drunk.

The last night was an emotional one. Because I had too much to drink, I couldn't control my emotion. I cried that night in front of my tan ge soh ge and luan. But fear not. that the tear of the commemoration. It the thought that i couldn't be working side by side with them make me sad.



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