Nightmare lucid dream

Oh. So scary. I just woke up from a bad dream. Citibank had a getaway trip and most of it i had forgotten. Just remember the last part, where there are couples of car lining up in convoy and i think i was choosing team to move off to the next location. See jonathan mandy and visan was inside a same team i go with them as a team. Jon is driving visan's car in the driver seat i sit beside mandy follow by visan at the other end of the window. I remember visan turn over and speak to me, face pale and sweating. The next moment we move off driving. The scene is at the road near queenstown mrt. Jon made a right turn into the opp direction of the car. Car start come toward us from bind spot and couple of near miss and tire scatching sound. 

So jonathan reverse and made a 3 point turn near the traffic light. The next moment i know he zoomed off at top speed. The next moment the car skid and crash into the tree near by, the car caught fire shortly. Mandy visan and i was threw off the car far away, i pick myself up and dash to resuce jon in the car and next moment the car explored into a ball of flame. 

Next my vision is like the end screen credit, i saw my name was written being remembered and why i was given a serial of number. I believe the number belong to my tome's number. Fuck and i can't remember what is the number. If not i can buy toto liao. 

End of my nightmare and i pondering inside toilet why human cannot remember his own dream. Googled. 



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