Sales is not all about product but about customer services

It is not the product that sell, it is the service of the saleman. This is what I think and today incident just prove that my theory is right as least for me.

I was out alone to anchor point to buy grocery. After getting my coffee beans, cereal and dairy product I was greeted by a young lady trying to preach me for car wash product. You know the booth is set up outside the lift and the young lady is giving out brochures, you can smell hungry salesmen from mile away. I mean this is salesmen instint to identify another salesmen easily. I gave her the coldest shoulder and express i am not interested in getting the car wash and she insisted to walk me to my car as she claim that anyway they are doing a free service in conjunction to anchorpoint event.

In the way i told her i seen the product before and not interested in getting any of the product. She reassure me it is a free service and proceed to clean my windscreen on the name that it will ensure driver's safety because it will increase the clarity. Well i stood there watching her demo. She proceed to tell me about old car lamp will be oxidiated so she helps me to polish my headlight lamp. She is going for "free demo" strategy. 

After the demo she just causally mention the price per can is $80 when the product launch and that right here and now, this product is at pre launch period. Since it is a prelaunch she told me the can is actually 40% longer and $20 dollar discount so per can which is larger now is offering at $60. She had started to go in for the kill trying to entice me with "limited stock" strategy. 

Secondly she show me the brochures with some other package. Getting 2 for $100 and getting 3 for $140 which include special gift like clothes and fibra wipes. She now going for "bulk purchase" strategy. At this point i see she trying to close me to buy i rejected her offer saying that i do not do much glooming on my car since i had only 2 more years left and i am lazy to do grooming. 

She hand over me the full can which is quite heavy and tell me that this product works on work applicances and electronic products. She now at "multi purpose" strategy. Saying this product is for people who is lazy to do household and just design for people like me. She quickly tell me a quick deal. She will just sell me one can at $60 but she is also throwing in the free gift like special clothes and fibra wipes for me free if i try one can. She now at "additional free gift" strategy. 

At this point i looked at her really hard and start to be impressed with her becarefully planned strategy to sell the car wash for me. She got weird why i stared at her, i quickly told her that i was impressed by her sales tactic but i still not buying something i will not use although the product is really useful due to the fact i just don't clean my car. She smiled and reassure me that's okie and she say anyhow she is going to give me a free membership so that i will get the same promotional price in the future if i ever want to buy. I saw the forms to fill in my particular which she is at the "personal paticular for future lead and referral" strategy. She proceed to finish up to help me polish the rest of the windscreen while i fill up my particulars. 

At this point another salesmen walks up to give me a small talk and ask me if i had my dinner already? And he prompt me some question, i know he is at the "getting to know customer" and "profiling" strategy. He look a bit retarted and intellience challenged so i wait for him to slowly finish his question. He told me he had just closed a customer and he say that i could use it on my fan and toilet tiles and floor tiles. He told the young lady to give me member and he would endorse for me when he know i am really not interested. Before he go he say the young lady is first day and hope i can help her to have her first deal closed. He is using "sypathtic" strategy. 

After all the great sale tactics. I had a feeling that doing sales is difficult and she and her team had deserve my deal regardless if i really need the product, i just felt i need to help the sales person so i just purchase a can to support them without even asking for further discount. I think they did a great service and kudo to their well though sales pitch. I am impressed and praise them for a good job, the salesgirl is so much gratidute she almost come to tears. 

Actually, being in the same line they taught me a valuable lesson and a good role play to teach me how to provide god customer service while closing deal on customer. That is what more valuable than the $60 i had in my pocket. 



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