3rd pair of leather shoes mean i working very hard

In less than 4 months into citi, i am into my 3rd pair if shoes. I now think spending a slightly more into investing into quality leather shoes rather than buying cheap stake from other lousy outlet. My first i brought at icon, second i brought at d&c now my third pair i decided to spend slightly more a get a better one at pedro. 

How? Not too bad right? And i think i need to alter my pant to slimmer fit. I look like one ye wen wear beggy pant. 

Too not bad. Look like one handsome andy lau only. 

Buy a shampoo, conditioner, leave on and a hair dryer combo for $25. Cheap. Hair dryer is good for people with long hair staying over at my place. I even got new bed sheet. Soon gonna get a comfy blanket. Furthermore what can i buy to make my life easier? A blade-less fan!! Don't want to clean fan blades ever again. Asshole. New year coming. This year not gonna be cheapskate liao. 

So long never go 36 because got ban by boss asking me to come office 8:30am everyday. I really step on his tail like time i really kanna micro managed. 

My dream house. Get a freehold apartment. Even mean saying to stay at private condo. 1.2mil is the norm price now a days. Need down pay 240k cash and monthly serving loan of 3.2k. Haizz. I am still far far far away. Hope miracle happen once my bad luck all gone, the good one will come in back again.  

That time go fortune telling, it told me that the time to make a move is lunar calendar jan or feb. hardship will persist then will smooth sail to success. I rather to believe it is true. 

Already collected one box. I want to collect another box :)



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