Runaway Hamster

Today I wake up but to find ah qiu went missing.. Yesterday night I seperate them because I scare ah qiu will rape cute cute loh. When I wake up around 8am in the morning, I took a look at the plastic tank and find ah qiu not inside there, but I was too shack to go and find him, so I sleep back till 12pm like tat.

Then I try to look for him after I wake up. I ransacked the whole place and I couldn't find anything loh. Except for one of the tibits for them is being bitten through. I think when I was sleeping he went around to find food. (amazing that he can still smell with the wrapper on)

Lorjean and Jian Ming come to my house to visit me and see my cute cute. Kinda give up until "Miss Woon" hear him scatching the table in my room. So we went to investigate and found Ah Qiu is hiding 'in' one of my computer table. Practically inside loh. That kind of table leg that is hollow inside so ah qiu just squeeze through the hole and hide in it. Have to give credit for Miss Woon finding Ah Qiu before he do some serious damage on my furniture.



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