Destination or Journey?

I am exhausted. I am not as motivated as a few years ago. Life is so difficult and I am still not buckling up to face the world with relentless assault.

Sometime I ask myself. How to define success in life. I came across one old saying which I think still stand true. "Success is about the ability to do what you really want to do". Question is what do I want to do in life?

I was convinced that life was not about being successful but more about the experience you pick up in between journey. Sometime I think that life purpose is not all about taking but its about able to give. Money that you can earn to the point more than you need, you will still lose motivation all together.

But on the other hand, optimism and euphemism normally is the trait of loser. Sometime we had been lenient to our own life standard and when challenge came in front of us, we convince ourselves that we could live for something less.

I still wonder what is the true meaning of happiness and does success being one of the element? And then how to define successful in life. This might be a life long journey seeking the answer.



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