Hugo boss after 10 years

Finally after 10 years, i get the favourite perfume of all time. I remember Eileen gave me one 50ml when i was like 19? Probably.

And funny that out of all the senses of our body, scent is the senses that our brain retain for the longest. And make a guess which one is the shortest?? Yes you are right! Sight is the shortest sense that our brain can remember. That is why sub consciously we had to read out the telephone number out loud because hearing is a longer sense than sight so we always use our hearing to help us remember the sight of the telephone numbers :)

So now, rather have to nicer smell and sexier voice because people will remember you longer using their scent and hearing. Now who say you have to dress to impress?

I will be dressing up and put on my favourite perfume to go turn on some ladies tonight.

P/s: remember to store your perfume away from heat source and store your perfume inside a closure to make it last longer without turning.



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