I hate children and don't want any off spring

I grew more love towards my new tumblr blog, seem like I still consistently updating daily energy into it. Short, concise and simple.  And Ya, I cause updated a new template.

Talk about marriage. My parent weren't on good terms for so many years. It makes me crave to start a family early and invest my time and effort into a wholesome family. Think about going home every night with dinner ready and someone to hold up the family together and best with some children to mingle with my mother. That was how I visualize how I complete my life.

Since young, I thought ideally I should be married when I was 23. Then that was when my first GF broke off with me. My status was staying single for so many years. Then I thought ideally my age of marriage should be 25, and past 25 I was still single. I postponed to 28 that was when I had my second short lived relationship. Wasn't that attached to start a family then because I am still schooling and can't support myself. Moving on my next relationship lasted another 2 year plus. Still not ready and I am now 29. I totally given up on the ideal age of marriage. I decided to throw out and target to settle down at 35.

Some may think that it too old to start a family at 35. You know the children age gap thingy. It don't bother me however. Cause I do not want baby. Not assertively reject the ideal of baby but I am completely fine without one :)

Children you take care of them when they are small and expect them to in return take care of us when you are old. But now, who still care about their parent? Many ended up in the old folk. People are getting heartless. Assuming raising a children cost 100k. I see why not spent them with your partner to go travelling? Not bad right? Some more having a baby meaning diverting your attention away from your partner. Getting tired and importantly I hate children. By the way living in old folk is not a bad idea really. I would retired if my wife and go play around with other old folk while having people to take care of your needs. There are so many recreational activities in the home.

Do you agree with me???



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