Pinnacle notes series 9 & 10 poster misleding

They say that when they want to show you to hell, they will feed you with sweet so that you will be tempted. And when they want to show you to heaven, they will give you pain so that you can build your resistant. This is somewhat a Chinese direct translation.

Now lets take a look at this advertorial poster from the infamous pinnacle notes saga. What is the mood of the picture? How do you feel about it? Does this picture gives you a very positive feeling about it? The boy looks very cuddly and with the toy bear and toy bull in this arm... Wait! Doesn't it resemble something? Right. Isn't he trying to imply that he is both happy when the market is having a bullish or bearish market? If you like me have the good feeling about this poster, in that time we would both became the victim of the fallen investment. 

This is as bad as a misrepresented poster can go. Take a look at the fine print below at point number 2 it say that the notes are not principle guaranteed. This might be the reason why we are studying M5 and M9 and almost a lot of our client nowadays question us about how much is the principle guaranteed. We cannot fault them for being too careful after this event.

Just attended the CHFC course and study on some basic knowledge on financial planning. The true financial planning and not those you find standing at roadshow selling the endowment products.

One case study points to the pinnacle notes series 9 & 10, which make a lot of investor whom invested in the Morgan Stanley to lose almost all their investment values. Only after many years of legal fighting that the investor now can recover up to 28% of the defaulted notes.



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