Am I that ugly?

Today at Yishun shop, we were chatting with the renovation contractor on some random topic. About JB, KL, drugs, girls and all the ah beng's talk. It was so bored me to death and I haven't sleep for the whole night.

Suddenly he mentioned that in JB where those doing illegal business earn so much money. Even "people as ugly as me" can find a hot girl. Now wait....

In a grp of me jiayi and himself an uncle, he need to quote that even people as ugly as me gets a GF. I have no problem that anyone is getting a GF, I am even fine that ugly people get a GF, but he use quote like "people as ugly as me", that I have a problem. Big problem. Why?!?!? Now i became the benchmark of ugly????

Being self awareness, I know that I may not pass of as handsome but am I to the point of being ugly. Don't worry it didn't hurt my feeling, partly because I am strong, I don't care what other people thinks of me and I really don't mind being not handsome. But I love myself and I love my face and appearance. That is not one thing that I like to change about myself. And I seriously don't think I am ugly, even if you all might think I am. Because I trust my judgement. Not because a lot of people think I am ugly then I am ugly. I always have a strong opinion and I tend to stand by my perspective. People know me know I am rooted on my faith and belief.

By the way, I love how my face looks and I don't mind the scar and marks or holes per said to my face. It the flaw that install great resistance and strong mentality to sarcasm. I makes me strong and focus on inter growth rather than external growth. No many people can withstand the demeaning comment, some people might even be sducidal.

Ironically few days ago, I only brought one poster on Marilyn Monroe
Like Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford have their mole (imperfection) at the "right" place where that's the feature they are known off. If the imperfect mole wasn't there, they might not be as popular. So all ourselves inclusive of flaws and uniqueness craft us to be where we are standing right now. Successful or not, one side. At least we are healthy or we are at least alive to be reading this. We should contented.

I owe my face. I reconcile it. The the beauty of imperfection makes perfection. Like 断臂维纳斯 venus de milo whom is famous for its imperfection. May you fully finds content from within yourself may you free yourself of all misery. I am always grateful and contented hence I am always a happy person :) The only person that can bring you down is yourself if you allow them to.

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