Minimalism is the new Materialism

Minimalism is the new materialism. In short minimalism is the idea of living with less things that distracts you. You more you reduce your choices and options the less time you spend making them.

Minimalism isn't about living without money; that's poverty, but its about living rich enough to be able to live like a poor person who values experience over possession. Come to think of it, experience and possession which do you think is more permanent? Furthermore another benefit of being minimalist is having lesser things to lose.

A important that being a minimalism is to practise non attachment. Its very important to learn how to disconnect yourself emotionally to objects around you. Ultimately the things that support life is free for things like air, water and sunlights. All others things are supplementary. And you need to differentiate wether a thing is a need or a want. Eg. Wearing clothes to keep warmth and shade is a "need" but having to choose from many design to match you mood is a "want". Steven Job is noticeably a minimalism and he basically wear the same clothes everyday to avoid consuming time to consider what clothes to wear.

It is hard for some people to be emotionally detached from their possessions, but I had manage to train myself to become emotionless to people/object. I once mentioned that I had lost the ability to love and I want to correct myself to I am not easily attached to things around me. Someone will feel extremely worried about losing wallet but for me sometime when I do lost my wallet I don't feel a dime. Instantly I am able to convince myself that all this can be replaced and there is really nothing to be worry about. Of course please do not label me as a person who is not compassionate. I am just really not attached to object and most of the people. I just have a very small group of people that I really care about.

If we grow older, I don't know if you can reconcile with me that you are harder to fall in love. So different from when we are younger, we are so passionate about stuff and people. We grew attached easily to friends, lovers and your possession. But as we grew older we came to realise that nothing can last forever. Beside in movies they said that love can transience time. We build up a barrier to protect ourself from the feeling of having to lose something, hence when we understand that eventually that we are going to lose them that we have to not let ourself fall not emotionally with that thing.

Lastly my target is becoming a wealthy minimalist. If a problem arise in life at least I do not want it to transform into 2 problem as problem in the first place and having no money to solve the problem as a second problem.



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