NDP 2016 preview

It is not a happy post. I was never happy for national day since I was young, i had never attended any national day parade and never watch it on TV as well. All i know about national day is just fireworks nothing else. People told me that i should have attended it in primary 5 which I had no recollection on it at all. 

I did participant it once during army while I was the driver on lightstrike. It is those follow thru motion kind of thing. All i have to do is just follow instruction and waiting for be fed pizza and KFC. 

Well. It was a many first time for me. Including going NDP (preview) for the first time. First time wearing my Yankees baseball jesery I brought in Korea. First FB post that I tagged you. Many first time for me. 

It truely amazing what I had went thru with you. First time so serious about it. And for once doing it right. But doing it "right" may not be good enough for you. I watch a monk's talk today and think its better i let things be. It is what it is. 

Now i embark on a new chapter of my life and wish Singapore an early 51th birthday. 



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