I can cook so can you

Gordon ramsay is a inspiration to me and i had been watching his hell kitchen, kitchen nightmare and masterchef. This new year is a stay home for thru 1st day till 4th day. Took 2 days MC after 2nd of chinese new year to "regroup" myself. For the highlight is I started cooking. What put me off cooking so long is because its damn expensive if you do not cook often. 

Invited some friends over to try my home cook meal, 酸菜鱼,洋葱蛋,炒香菇,老干妈辣椒虾 and 酱油鸡翅。simple, delicious and favorful. I had got positive reciew that i cook better than some mums and maids. 

Endosement for my good food. I am going to elevate to western cusine soon. Going to explore steak and some western spices in near future. 

For the simpliest. I tried salad. They are easy to do but they do cost me hand and leg. I didnt know veg can be so expensive they have the organic version which is like double the price. 

My prepare my own salad lunch box with canned sardine as my protein and french source as dressing. First attempt and the source is too acidic to my liking. So i try again with home made salad dressing. 

Fresh greens with nice japanese cucumber and red chilli. 

Pan fry my own crutons with bread crumbs and garlic infused olive oil. 

Its good seasoned with ground pepper, parsley and home made mustard lemon dressing. Better this time round. 

I tried simple western receipt with garlic prawn. They are one of the easiest to cook. 

Using excessively on garlic and it make me have a bad gas day. Fart like crazy. I went to read up about gasing problem from over indult in garlic. 

Raw garlic is difficult to break down at the stomach and went the garlic got pass down to the large instestine, the bacteria broke down the garlic and release methane and a by product and usual accompanied with foul pungent smell. I know its disgusting reading in conjunction with food post. Haha

I also make some french toast. This time i nailed it. 10 years ago i tried cooking for someone using just eggs and bread. Didnt turn out right. Now i got it with eggs, milk and brown sugar for the sweet after taste. They are just great. Just need some maple syrup and they can pass of as restruant quanity. 

Some honorable mention of my mums cooking thru this new year. 

PL sneak out her mum home cook meal for me during lunar new year. Loved the prawns. 

Knowing to cook is certainly a plus point on so many different level. Cooking for some one you love and feed them to a full meal is nothing less of a sweet things to do. It will be a rewarding endevours :)



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