So much of nothingness going on

Recently not much time to blog, because there are so much of a nothingness going on. I seems to be always busy, but busying with something irrelevant and insignificant. I don't really know how to manage my time well.

2 things I cannot manage well, my time and money.

This Jan comm scheme changed, booth got replaced and moral basically rock bottom, so long like almost 2 years, I had difficulty hitting comm. 26th and I had only 19 ntb. FML. Somemore david helped me 2 ntb. Job wise, I am impatiently waiting for CF result for 2016. I didn't put in as much effort and focus as compared to last year, if I didn't manage to get it, blame it on myself. But of course I would like to be in one of them. Finger crossed, hope god bless.

I was lucky too to get promoted to "assistant manager". It something of a concept like a deputy manager but with a catch. We are just same role DS with different job title. albeit slightly better paid. Only slightly. But nonetheless still a recognition for my consistency. Annual income of end year 2015 was out and I got managed to hit above 120k. Time to get my credit reviewed!

Alright, enuf say on my work. Let see hows well we ate for the past one month.

Yup yup, dress up for dinner and took a selfie in the lift.

When to suntec during my lala timing on weekend to eat Pasarbella, we can be staying inside car and watch movie all day. We need to walk a bit of shopping and eat some nice food. We were glad that we choosen some of the best dishes like the wolf burger and shew pork japanese rice. The pork rice was so fragrance with garlic infused poach eggs with corn and chewy tofu. The tofu kinda special because it was fried with special coating that make the outer chewy and crispy. 

Another day we hang out again at Suntec for Hoshino coffee. It was japanese imported coffee, I went there to try what was the gimmick behind it. It was just basically arabic roosted long black served in japanese milk i guess. Nothing fantastic about it. 

Shrimp sandwich, I think I can game enough to make that myself. I think there is avocado. Had been practicing to include avocada in my own salad making. Will update soon about my home cooked meals.

The spaghetti is creamy and I love anything that is creamy. Some wasabi on the grilled salmon and seaweed. I think I can recreate this dish myself.

This is the most famous and recommended dessert of the place. Don't know about the name but it is totally not my cup of dessert. Too sweet and I basically can't find anything recommendable about this dessert. I ate only 1 mouth.

Forgot to post about xiao long mookata at Yishun. He had turn chef from sales and he basically fight at the coffee shop for people to eat the mookata. That the spirit man. Cheap and affordable. Hai now not many time to hang out with good friends like xiao long and brentaline. I didn't even have the time to meet my BFF joyce for the longest time.

Chinese new year is coming. The long awaited break from work. Jan 2016 hit commed!!!!!



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