Closing window for the 9 months

So long like I had not been blogging for the month March. So now manage to have sometime to do some catching up. Champion forum closing tomorrow, I am exhausted and will leave it as it is. Let the number do some own catching up. I am really inspired to take down top RC and top CC.

Long time no party with co worker due to work work and work. I owe going out with co workers 2 months late. They had been arranging party but I always AB. Finally got the chance to go to queen to relax myself.

Since very near to closing of window, I didnt really focus at work. Just randomly eating with colleague to pass time at booth. Robert Timm serve kangaroo meat and they promise that the kangaroo was not killed for food but only take those that were hit in Australia highway. I had knocked a kangaroo in Australia before. Did not do it on purpose because I was drivning 5 tonner which similar to bus and the SOP for kangaroo running out of highway is to just ram it over as swaying and sudden brake place more people in danger. These are times where you really need to make the correct choice.

Verene is a very attentive to detail person, I was very impressed by the itinerary done by her. In booklet and post card. See nice right?

She now is so proud of her GO Pro camera. The angel was indeed very wide and can capture a lot of detail closed up. She very careful with her GO Pro, she will probably kill me if I were to drop her camera. Hope it can be of good use in our Korean trip.

Is it I see wrongly, her face never change a bit from 2 year ago -_-



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