Hanoi day 6

Good things do come to an end and i had my fair share of entertainment. Winter breaks in and i had to be back to topical singapore to focus back where i had left. 

Overall, this is one of the best trip i had since a ling lonn time because of the carefreeness of this non agenda trip. No designation no goals. Jusr follow our heart and travel where our heart wanna go. What is bring back from this trip is good things doesn't need to be luxurious. Every little happiness is hidden around you. Most importantly is that you are with the people you love. 

Live in the moment like walter mitty which i watched on silkair. Daydreamers should take actions cause life is about courage and going into the unknown. 

Many things were left unsay and undone. Make me regret not watching walter mitty before the trip to inspire me to live in for the moment. 

Had to really thanks sandy for being such a sweet darling taking care of me like a little baby. Don't let me forget the "easy dai kuan", the handyplus, the money management, the itinerary, peeling of pomelo and all sort all sort. 

Thanks tracy for pointing out to me things that comes easy goes as easy. The hug at the airport is priceless. Never wanna let you go. 

Wish i could have taken a longer leave. 

Dunno when have the chance to get together, 3 of us...



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