Crave for cruddling

Sometime i just crave of a soulmate being side by side of me watching favorite movie together. Crudling on the crouch in all sort of funny position. As long as both is comfy. It could be she laying on my stomach or could be legs just tangling over my shoulder. Just like a kitten cuddling with its mother and need not be sexual or intimate. Just be there. 

It could be just making and preparing food for each other. I could make her a cafe while she can prepare a sandwich. Simple and basic but it can be so touching. 

Why can't i just find you. I know i know. We are both still looking out for each other. You may be still in a relationship now but i know it is just for you to better love me in due time to come. 

Now it is so late already. We havent yet met. I know the time had not be right yet. Hahaha. 

Someone like is will do :)



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