March month tier 2 target

Month march is tier month so I had been working super hard so long don't have the time to update my blog.  I think I had been drinking too much alcohol. One night $700, Next night $400 like that. I lost myself. I lost my iPhone 5s ($950). Still have to spend $600 to buy a LG g2. I am really really over budget. Still have to take a loan to cover my statement. I reckon I am too much.

Lucky tier month should be able to take back some comm. I am tier 1 hitting tier 2. I did 100 plus Ntb but got rejected 32. 150k loan 300 over cc. Shield rate 84%
I think regardless if I hit tier 2 I will be getting over 10k this month.  But I really want my tier 2 😩



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