Compliance caught up with my non compilance

You know there is this chinese saying; 出来混的迟早都是要还的。if you like to challenge the law, one day it is going to catch up with you. Today tanjong pagar booth, my favorite because i can do many there. I think i did around 7 ntb and 3 add on casa all dabao. 

Around 6:30pm, i was hungry and went out for lunch with my bag. Inside all the dabao applications. When i was back 20minutes later, i saw a lady in the booth thinking she is a walk in customer so i put my bag inside the booth. 

Never thought she is from compliance department doing spot check on sales man compliance. Of course, keeping app is an immediate termination offend. Well i was lucky enough to bring my bag out for dinner but you see, just like when i was caught of drink driving, i caught up with the right timing meeting the hand of justice face to face. Yup. It is so lucky and so unlucky. 

So yup all my effort from 11am to 7pm is gone. I was suppose to fight till 10pm and want to get 10ntb today. And i had the confident and motivation to do it. Then suddenly i just feel like going home. 

I want to sleep. Take a long rest to recover my so many days of hard work. 




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