Our math paper was taken in the Convention Hall. And I am sitted at the last row next to EWT. That morning I went to eat before going for the exam. I almost late and I hate to wait outside the hall while they are reading the question paper. That will waste me a lot of precious time in the Math paper. So I opened my throttle more and rushed to school. Lucky, I reach in time for the paper.
I am very frustrated with myself for my weakness in subsiding my "kan jiongness". The last question I wasn't able to finish. Regarding the related rates. I wasn't able to differentiate the equation. I spent almost half and hour thinking of the question. The less time I have when I see the clock, the more my brain cannot work. Very kan jiong liao. Total I left out 3 question undone. The rest I attempted but I wasn't so sure of some of the answer.

5 credit for the damn Maths. I was so sure that I can get a A for this module until this paper shaken me. I pray I beg, give me A for this module :) Ohm mi tuo fo~~

Just a very random photo I took, hope you all can see I am trying to do a
"heart shape with my shadow -_-"

Recently, stay up till very late at night. Always hang around T-garden by myself. I really can concentrate when I am studying alone. I don't like to study with other people as I can absorb more efficiently when studying alone. But I have some doubt to clear as there are some question that I can't do. No one to ask. SIaN!!

Come to think of it, I forget to comment my ECO paper. That one confirm cannot get high marks one. The whole session on the exhaust pipe I didnt' study.

So it ask: "What are the two catalyst used in the catalytic converter"
My answer: "water and oil"


I think that these sem wasn't so smooth. All the question I trying to spot didn't come out. Very unexpected papers.



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