Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clp after 2 years

Now my one week is six day work week, 12 hours per day looking for new to bank customer and credit cards number. 1 off day per week still have to look for loan. This week is lucky. Got to close a 176k plus 85k, got a slim chance to hit 300k this month with 100ntb. Due to lacking of cards number, manage ask me to sell 4 + 1 hence my shield comm should be relatively higher. So looking forward to this month good result. 

The weight is on my shoulder. Manage asked me to run for cf. No reason to reject as it mean better booth and benefit. But pressure also cause me to outbreak rashes. 

After like 2 year after we broke off, surprisely we still hang out as good friends. Many things changes. Attitude to life, mentality and mindset, well we saw so many differences since last time we known each other. 

We do what we normally used to do. And that is to eat. We both love eating so much. 

Heehee. See any difference 2 years later?

Bing bing abacus gold ring ($600) down another unlockable item!

Burberry spec ($460). Down another collectable. 

Rolex sky dweller is so awsome. When will i have the money to acquire this beauty? The effect of wearing this gem is unmatched. Very striking indeed. 

I recently took up prutential saving plan. Lock down 25 years. Withdrawn max 75% after 2 years. And get back $3.6k every year for oversea funding. One stone 2 birds. Good plan. 

My flexi plan is a monthly $500 saving account locked 25 years earning a compounded interest of 68k after 25 years!

Or you can choose to withdraw $3600 per year maximum for oversea expenditure leaving $1400 in saving account that earns u interest of 28k after 25years. Seem interesting. Signed with amelia whom i met 4 years ago. Got a free gift in return of my choose. Opened item! Yeah. I got birthday gift this year liao :)

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