Thursday, June 26, 2014


A woman is suspecious of her man is having an affair outside. The man had always been coming home late. Initially she told her husband she gonna lock her house at 12 midnight sharp everyday. Her husband did return before 12 for short period of time but then change to not coming home at all and even blame her wife that since the door is locked he have no choice but to stay outside over night. 

Until one day this woman became smart and told her husband that she is going to leave her house door open (open for anyone to be able to enter) at 12 midnight everyday. The man became worry about her wife safety and starts to be home every night to help her wife shut the door. 

Same man who likes playing outside. Same door but one being closed and one being left open. This show the wisdom of a woman. Controlling a man is not about restricting his freedom. 



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