Friday, July 23, 2010

The Singapore Army Reality TV show

Ministry of Defend had came out with an awesome idea to showcase our National Service endeavour by putting up a series of reality TV on youtube. Weekly they will have an update of episode which would last for the whole length of (Basic Militry Training) BMT training.Which probably 8 weeks if my memory hasn't fail me. Target audiences are for pre-enlistee, parents and girlfriends of the men who will be going to protect our precious land.

Survival series: NS Singapore; 18 episode,90 days and ZERO survival

I believe it will turn out to be a total crap. So much profanity and inhumanity will censored through the film production to protray our NS "professional" image. They will audit those most garang, gungho and English native speaker for the production. How about the hokkien peng and the cao geng kia? Would they be featured in the making? Propaganda cannot get any better than this. Hope they can prove me wrong, so here is a little preview and the links to the show.

Every Singaporean Son

Every Singaporean Son (Episode 1: My Buddy)

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