Friday, May 28, 2010

Ngee Ann graduation

I felt the need to close this chapter of my life. I had officially graduated with a Civil and Environmental Engineering Diploma, for friends who still have no idea what I had been up to this 3 years.

Although I didn't achieve my target as a gold/silver medalist, I managed to get a Cert. of Merit plus a structural awards. Considering that I study hard and play hard at the same time, I think I did okie.

Oh ya, I was caught littering cigg butt on the graduation day. And yes for the 2nd time. FUCK

I never pay attention to opening speech ever in my life, except for this speech that were told by my BE director.

"Leave this school, bearing HIP in mind

H for humble
I for integrity &
P for passion

And remember never compromise success with your integrity, otherwise its not a true success"

I never thought that I actually benefited from this quote. My boss really praise me on my integrity, humbleness and my commitment. I really give credit to Ngee Ann. 3 years ago and 3 years after, I had grown up. Mentally. More responsible and passionate to my responsibility.

Graduation Dinner 2010

Oh thanks Mr Teo for convicting me into this course.

And updating on my next step, I had been requested to serve my 2 years bond with Sembcorp first before they reconsider if they want to sponsor me for my degree. Well, even if they want, I also don't know if I myself want or not. Study or Chiong into business?

Nevertheless, I will be going to Sembcorp first. The boat will come straight at the harbor. Don't worry.

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