Marriage scam - Nuturing love the natural way

Imagine you flip a coin. The chances of it landing out as head have the same likelihood that your marriage will last a lifetime.

Ask yourself, will you buy into an investment product that made you lose all your money 50% of the time?

Then why do we still believe marriage?

Marriage history

In ancient, marriage started off strategically to bind noble and ruling classes with diplomatic and economic ties. It is a treaty to establish a peaceful relationship, trading relationship and mutual obligation by marrying families together.

More recent time, marriage serves a purpose to keep our wealth contained and passing it down to our lineage. The benefit of which is to safeguard assets and to form a coalition group.

Presently, marriage is merely to satisfy peer pressure, obtain legal entry to government programs entitled for couples and to have a consist person to fulfil our sexual desires.

Wedding industries

In fact, marriage is such bullshit and is so fragile. It is the only relationship in this world that requires an institute to penalize people from letting out of it.

Think about a true kinship or friendship. There is no need for a certificate to penalize you. You have a friend of a lifetime. You just feel right, and you don't mind being friends forever. Both of you are busy with life, both of you have a different social group. No matter how long you didn't get to see one another, there is always the feeling of closeness and connection when you get united again.

Cost of marriage

Can you really put a price on love?

In fact, yes. On average, getting into marriage will cost you somewhere between 30k to 50k. (according to dollars & sense, seedly, value champion)

Marriage is a scam due to the ease of getting into one verse the exorbitant amount of ordeal at getting out of it.

As a Singaporean, you just require a nominal fee of $50 to legally bind yourself to your partner at the institute.

On the other hand, to get out of one you have to invest an enormous amount of time and money. It is almost impossible to divorce on freewill. Once you are married, to consider a divorce in Singapore you need to provide proof legally that your spouse had committed one of the followings:

  1. Legally obtained evidence of spouse adulty behaviour
  2. Legal proofs of unacceptable behaviour
  3. Proof that your spouse had deserted you for 2 years
  4. Proof physically separation of up to 4 years

Then you have to go through the legal proceeding of the dissolution process and settling the complex dividing of assets in ancillary matters. If a baby is involved, custody decision and spousal maintenance so on and so fore.

Is marriage natural

Evidence shows that only 3% - 5% of mammal species in this world practice monogamy. (One partner of life). Most of them evolve into monogamy is for the increase of livelihood. Since human is so rich in emotions and more complex in our thinking process. We are only cheated into believing it only right to stay committed to our spouse or otherwise we will be deeply frowned upon. The social pressure of marriage fucking us up on our moral compass forces us to stay faithful to our counterpart even when our heart and soul is saying otherwise.

So is monogamy a natural evolution?

Scientifically, while women have limited egg to carry offspring. Men, on the other hand, have an unlimited amount of sperm. Since our ultimate purpose in life is to reproduce for the extension of humanity. How do we handle the extra desire fueling inside men's body?

Socially, we have to look into masturbation and ask if it is natural. In many countries, paid sex services are legal due to it will manage the needs of many men and in turn, bring down social crimes in general.



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