New role in job - corporate ladder climber

Whao, that 7 months since my last post. I joined BB since Feb 2019. 5 months into the job but I still haven't cleared my probation. They say the learning curve was steep, I don't believe. Now from the look of my KPI. I just managed to clear 10% KPI averaging over 5 months.

Many people ask if I regret leaving my last job. Why did I have to leave the job that I can do with my hand tied behind my back with big fat payroll, flexible timing so on and so fore. Honestly, I do not regret and I love the new challenge that I am facing.

First of all, promoting credit facilities had bottlenecked. I had learnt all that I need to learn and from that moment on, I am literally "working" for money. Jim Collins in his book "Good to Great" mention that for you to really find long-lasting satisfaction in your career you need to have passion, value and talent.

Instead I am more drawn toward the Japanese version of a great iKigai model. What iKigai have over hedgehog model is that iKigai integral happiness and spiritual soundness into the otherwise business successful centric version.
I love the current dynamic of the client I am having. I used to come from the mass consumer market. However now in BB, I get to speak to SME owners on a day to day basis. Directors, CEO and other entrepreneurs start-up companies.

First of all SME owners are easier to speak to over mass market. SME owner's business decision normally revolves on ROI and many time, they see cost/expenses as an investment to future revenue. They don't want their money sitting in the bank getting depreciated by inflation. They want money to be invested in different instruments for better returns. Problem with speaking to the mass consumer is that they don't really see leveraging on money to earn money. What mass market always think is every dollar save is every dollar earn.

Secondly, I get to understand many more business model, payment financing used in trade facilities and interesting startup concept. I get to learn from many failed business on why they got themselves into bad credit and good business practices that successful business owners are adopting. A lot of trade secret that the owners are sharing with me which otherwise I would not have the opportunity to know.

Thirdly, its the network of new clientele. All business owners and high network people. I got exposed to more offers and opportunities that one thing. And furthermore, as a "system integrator" a person whose knowledge is board but not deep. I get to help people connecting dots like matching up business by referring to one another and offers solution between businesses. I felt a person of value.

Other than a career change, my lifestyle changed as well. I used to drink and party all night because promotion cards are too boring in life and you got nothing better to do. Now that I started 9 to 5 with 2 off day on weekends. I kinda picking up some habits along the way. 

I almost always start my day 1 hour earlier and 1 more hour into the end day because I find these hours to be extremely rewarding. These prime hour we are away from the crowds and it almost can beat 2 to 3 hours into normal working hours. 

Good time management like leaving after work hours only for paper works and dedicated time just to do mandate tasks like cold calling new prospects. 10am to 12noon every Tues and Thurs are my power hours to engage set numbers of leads. We all know it is the number games, the more you call the more success you experience.

After lunch where I am not the most productive period, I will try to fix for an appointment to get myself out of the office. Without an appointment, I will reconnect to the older client for follow up and building rapport. Or is a good time for me to catch some business friends and agent/broker for coffee talks. 

I find it almost an essential part to not just work hard but work smart. Just pure reliant on cold calling is not a long term solution and you will find yourself unsustainable in the long run. A referral system is to ensure business longevity and make production scalable in the long run. Remember that your cold call can provide consistent but limited numbers of clients in the long run.

I skid lunch most of the time; for 2 reasons. 

  1. Lunchtime is super packed with hungry goers and the queue time is extremely a time-waster in a corporate context. This job does not require you to mingle with a colleague but I rather spend my time on work or catch up lunch with a client or a referer. I recommend a book, "never ear alone" which teach you how to spend your lunch is a more rewarding way. 
  2. Secondly, skidding lunch till 4pm match my intermediate fasting regime. Fasting has greats health benefit and weight control. This job is very stationary and I tend to put on weight with this kind of working environment. 
I should write a more detail guide in the future

I started going to gym at Fitness First and I managed to convince myself into buying a sport shoes from Adidas. I brought the white one over the green and red. Reason because they are on offer and not because its the most beautiful.



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