Twlight zoned - The road to recovery

After the "big bang", I was rescued by 3rd Uncle who brings me back home. I was paranoid and constantly on the edge of the feeling that I was under supervision by the authorities. I constantly doing streaming on Belive and FB. A bit siao liao.

I threw a way macbook, Iphone X, passport, Iphone 7 and my favorite Addidas Blue dry fit. + many many more. I was at the airport and brought back a macbook air and Iphone X. The spending spee started.

The kongzi wannabe

Can you believe I surrender all my investment and my rolex Daynota and get a PL of 30K from CIMB just to buy amulet of 30k in value? If you like to see the price list, you can visit my carousell to see if anything catch your eyes.  Me and Qinghe also got a FB Page over here.

The famous grey T from HCM
Little update of Tobi age 3
Leen is an important key person during this event. The runaway on the bike is very happening, I can't believe I survived the runaway. I heard bikes horns and thought they were signal to the team to tailgate me. Anyway, when you read it you will not understand what I am saying but its okie, this part is for the insider only. She came to Singapore twice during this period to take care me and work on our project.


After the episode, like the wisdom said; every cloud has a silver lining. During my happy paradigm moment in the hotel during Feb 18. I let go everything and forgive everything. The loop of thoughts and the constant "awakening" I shouted "Father" and cry. Lol.

I had since reconciled with my Father.

Sushi with Dad
Taken in Malaysia JB house

Bday celebration for year 2018
It took me fews months to recover and then when the dust settled. I need to find work to recover from my personal finacial crisis.



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