Ho Chi Minh Unlearn everything and start everything again

When I was younger around 12, in my head is all about thinking to age faster till 18 so that I will have the freedom that I had always hoped for. After my parent let go of me and I finally get to decide what I want to do with my life. Instead of heading towards freedom, I am slowly getting trapped.
Where are you now, Gary

Gave my leather lighter case to bui vien boy 
I know I had been away for a long time and I have to report home for accountability. The intention of writing this article partly is like stretching before doing exercise and also to congratulate me for starting a new chapter in life.

Firstly, to answer myself the question where I am now, it will depend on whether is it physically, mentally; or spiritually. Because this is such a big shift, it’s reasonable for me to make a plan for it.

Physically, I am in a small little rental room in Ho Chi Minh, Nguyen Cong Tru. I am still on a “trip” since April 17. It is a trip that happened impromptu, by chance and it is a trip I do not want it to end yet. Fortunately, as I am holding an Asean passport, travelling in and out of Vietnam is fuzz-free and affordable. It’ss as convenient to travel to as compare to Johor from Singapore. This is one thing I am proud of Singapore. This lifestyle turns out is a better way I want to live my life, I am happy and contented 100% right now and hopefully, things don’t change too much in the future.

Mentally, I had a clearer vision because I had made use of all this “free time” to sort out some mental blocks. The reason why I say “free time” is intentional, because thanks to my own mediation I manage to redefine the word free and the word time with a new perspective. My new understanding of free is without restriction and boundary and time is an indefinite continued progress of existence. In the past, I was always hustling without realizing that I actually don’t know where I am heading. I always felt I am not able to manage time, but time can never be managed by me. Over nearly one year of getaway made me realize all along I was confused because I let the society influenced me. Nonetheless, I had regained control of my life now. I had realigned my priority and eliminated things of insignificant. Because it doesn’t matter how fast I run if I am in a loop.

Spiritually, I had found my faith. I finally understand even though how hard I open myself to exposing different religion in the last, trying to embrace them without prejudice. Nothing works for me. Now then I understand, I am a man of faith and all along I have been practising faith without knowing it. And searching for it all the time, unknowingly it was here with me since I am young, guiding me through my life self-teaching myself value in a unique way.
Walking on the path to Actualizing

With the given amount of time, being with myself, asking the simple question like “why” and “what” I manage to see the connection between all events happening in my life. Like what Steve Job mentioned about “connecting the dots”. Everything happens for a reason and that’s why everyone is supposed to live life for themselves and not for others is because everyone is unique and no one is replaceable.

I realized the world and environment is not the cause of the problems. The people themselves are the cause of problems to everything. The effect of self-destruction turns into an endless loop that leads to human inevitably end up making everything wrong. Nothing is right, to begin with. Everyone is wrong except you and me is right. Don’t need to listen to anyone. Don’t listen to your head but start from listening to your heart, because your heart is right.

“Don’t listen to anyone. Don’t listen to your head but listen to your heart, because your heart is right.” – Garynbc
Best Hu Tiu in Bui Vien

Everyone began a life like a piece of white paper, couldn’t tell difference between right and wrong, but the environment had to feed wrong information to us making us confused about ourselves.

Telling us that we are lazy, NO! We are just unmotivated to do things without a purpose.

Telling us that we are a failure, NO! We just simply had to fail many times to correct ourselves.

Telling us nobody is irreplaceable, and YES! Nobody is irreplaceable but we are also nobody.

Start with end goal in mind

To celebrate my new direction in life, I will try to put them into words and slowly explain myself. All I ask is to pardon my bad use of English as I am an English student with borderline result simply because I am too lazy to learn English. It is because of the 80/20 rules that I picked up last time knowing that I only needs 20% of effort to learn something till proficiency and have 80% of my time doing other things with a greater calling.

I am practicing stoicism; an ancient Greek school of philosophy founded at Athens by Zeno of Citium that it’s important for me to have a desire and hunger for knowledge. And I encourage everyone to not let education stand in your way to your life long learning (inspired by Mark Twain). And I strongly believe that great knowledge is supposed to be shared and not self harvested.



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