Why am I always so happy?

There are many definition to happiness. I had been searching for the ultimate definition for my whole life while I maintained positively most of the time. I realise I am always happy and there are really very little that can make me sad.

Most of the things that made me sad are when time I lost someone dear to me. Could be the passing of my grandparent or maybe I lost people I love or I had accidentally make someone I love feel sad or disappointed. Other than what is stated I can't really remember of anything that can make me sad.
I should say that I am a very easily stay contented. Its so important to be content with whatever life throws at you. Even if its failure, downfall or setbacks. All happens for a reason and as long as you bring something out of the situation there is really nothing to be upset about.
Now, I realise happiness is define as the different between reality and expectation. If you are always expecting something less than what you already have, you get positive happiness :)
Contrary that when your expectation is always wanting more from what you already have in your reality you are always unhappy :(
Happiness is the difference between reality and expectation

This is my secret formula of my little happy life. So humble and contented. I really not lying. If you know me you know I am always happy.
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