Sandy and Tracy came from Hanoi to Singapore and its 3 years apart

Its not like 8 years ago that I had time to write blog for my poly friend to read cause now there are seldom people following my blog and no one cares about my writing anymore. So the style of writing will be from a much wordy post to something like more visual.

I am into photography 8 years ago and now I am into videography. Also I am not professional and I don't even think I can pass of as someone worthy as an amateur. I just like what I am doing and it doesn't matter if I am good at it or not cause I just enjoyed.

Now this post is to feature Sandy and Tracy whom came to Singapore after 3 years when I last saw them in Hanoi. They hosted me 6 days last time and now I am here to return them the favour.

Hanoi 2014

Singapore 2017
3 years apart, did we changed a lot?



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