Minimalist packing list for urban traveller

Many love to travel. Some on holidays inbetween breaks and some like longer term travelling. Specially the new age of the term "digital nomad" a lot of people love to travel and working both remotely.

For long term travel, I love to break them into 3 categories.

The back packers / minimalist are a group whom love to travel on budget and they love nature a lot. Most of them pack a list of hiking into the wild as their itinerary. Not all back packers are poor more do business online or do freelance work online. They tend to be in singlet and short using merely an iphone for their photographical production hanging out on the beaches with their books.

Secondly, the digital nomad. They are normally well dressed in casual clothes in jeans and shirt, they are seen at all sort of fashion events, electronic new launch events and they are sure very prompt in their electronic equipments most of them have youtube presence and they are mini celebrity promoting and review tech stuff and with millions of followers on social media.

Lastly, where I belong myself I call the urban travellers. This group takes short breaks inbetween jobs and travel for vacation mid term from 1 weeks to a month. A lot of these people normal pack minimum electronic gears and camera for vacation and are seen mostly at tourist place or restaurant and shopping centers.

All of the back packers, digital nomad and urban traveller love one thing in common and that is "one bag carry on". Or the minimalist packing list. Now the trending term "less for more", and there are of cause a lot of pro for having to travel only on a carry on size luggage. The less you bring the less you get lost. And you need not wait in line to wait for your luggage at the belt at each of the destination. The advantages to travel light goes on and on.

A lot of people are not used to the idea of packing light but for myself I don't need a lot of stuff to live and I know I can get them cheaply oversea if need be. I had been packing light this year, and this are the packing list that I recommend.


41L north face router transit


1 shirt, 1 jean and a singlet (wearing for transit) + barefoot shoes
4 pairs of shirt and pants
1 barefoot slipper / sandals
4 dry fit undergarment + 1 pair wearing
1 pair of socks + 1 pair wearing

My shirt and short pants are light weight and quite dry and the shoes I recommend is barefoot shoes where it can pack down compact for easy urban walking. Sport or trek shoes are too bulky to carry around. If you do a lot of beach you may also consider aqua shoes which are extremely flexible and foldable.

Best water shoes available

Weather proofing jacket:

1 Block tech parka from Uniqlo

Depending on country you are visiting, if cold you need different packing list for mine is tropical country I don't need down jacket. I use some water resistance jacket to shield myself from light rains and also act as a cover up for me if I am going party in the night.


Phone plus camera
Laptop or Mac or Ipad or kindle or any ebook reader
Travel adaptor
Portable hard disk or wireless thumb drive
Cables and spare batteries

travel adaptor with 2 usb to charge 3 devices at a time
Travel Adapter, eFond Universal Adapter All in One Travel Plug with Dual USB Charging Ports Universal Charger for Europe Italy France Germany UK India Spain Australia Canada Mexico Cell phone laptop

A 200gb hard drive connect wirelessly to all your devices by scandisk. Transfer all your travelphoto or video wirelessly with ease between your laptop, phones, camera and GO PRO seamlessly. All on the thumbdrive.

Personal items:

foreign currencies
TSA lock / Padlock / Wirelock
RFID wallet
nail cutter / cap opener
Sleeping mask and earplugs

find a RFID wallet to protect from identity thief by travelambo

Get a Lumintrail wired pad lock now

Pacsafe Bag protector best protector for bag

While travelling one bag can be of a lot of advantage. I would like to share with you on the next post on how to secure our passport properly while travelling. Security on bag in hostel and how to enjoy the beach without needing to worry about your bag on shore. Stay tuned.



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