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Finally after watching so many show drama and variety show, today I learnt a very interesting words. Pygmalion effect. I wanted this word so much because it can be use to describe me but I didn't know the words to describe it.

A lot of people ask me why I can be successful in some area and absolutely suck at some other area? How do I say it.

Some of the area that I sucked in includes:
Secondary school study where my AGG score is 45.
Army Regular life as a very oblivious soldier that don't know what is going on around me.
Sembcorp as a soul-less assistance Engineer
Self employ in mobile shop, not motivated to excel.
In GE, where I lost all purpose in life.

Some area that I excel in includes:
Primary school where my PSLE is 213 (Express) when I didn't even study anything at all.
Private O at age 23 where I pass 5 O level with AGG 15 in 9 months.
Diploma study with 3.96 cert with merit and chance to local U
Citibank with 2 years of outstanding performance.

till today I am still very proud of the blue in Citi
Sembcorp Scholarship in Diploma study
Now, these few days I had been pounding hard. Since I had so much potential in life, I knew I have, I don't like people very act humble and I just like to be honest with everyone including myself. I do have a lot of potential to take off to really great height. But why wasn't I at the top?

I have the answer and I am going to share with you all.

Pygmalion effect
I perform through Pygmalion effect, it an effect that you can performance extremely well under other people's expectation. In another words, the more expectation people have on me, the better I can performance. I first notice I had these abilities / effects when I was taking my private O. I obtained my special abilities "tunnel vision".

Tunnel vision was develop during age 23, when I was studying in Queensfield private school at Middle road. Tunnel vision allows me to be super focus and driven with one goal in the end, all my muscle memory and very cell move towards archiving only one goal, no noise no distraction no nothing. I had slept thru my secondary school hence I can score 45 on 5 subject. My account paper during school name is 1/100. Because I only know how to draw the T diagram and the title I remember "Balance sheet as at 31 dec 19XX". Very paper I took I got 1/100 because I did the T diagram. This is how bad. My combine science is shit cause I didn't listen in class don't even mention about Periodic table. The only atom I know is H20. I know I am technically wrong cause H20 is not an atom but a compound. I write I as though I was that bad. With tunnel vision I scored B3 for account, A2 combine science and A1 mathematic in 9 months. When people need 2 to 3 years of study to achieve that. I don't know about you but I was impressed my myself. Of course, the people that unleash my potential was Peter, my tutor in that school.

In Ngee Ann, same. I want to mention Mr Teo Ee Huat, he is the one inspired me to take up the course CEE and I want to credit to my first exam with him that I scored over 90 which make me realise that I can make it in poly. So the Pygmalion Effect snowballed. I reached the top and have no intention of coming down.

In my life, I also quickly realise that I do not need motivation to fuel my success. Because ultimately, motivation is a passive emotion. You can wake up one day motivated and the next day you are not. So if motivation isn't the recipe what is? Actually, a more suitable word should be routine.  Like you getting used to report work at 9am for so long you actually feel comfortable waking up to reach office at 9am. Being late makes you feel uncomfortable because your routine are already formed. But for somebody to form that routine, there will be a inertia call "pain period". Its usually difficult to roll a stationary object but once the force needed is overcome, with the momentum you can roll the ball easily. So actually you do not need so much discipline to overcome the pain period. You just need that enough discipline to last you thru the pain period and the desire (not motivation) to help you.  In Citibank, thanks to Hansel my boss whom triggered my desire and he forced me and see me growth out of the pain period to stay enough discipline to form a routine. With that I used this formula to achieve great height in this job.

Some people have desire in money, power, fame or woman. Which I don't have desire in. So money is not a motivation factor for me. This make me have a downturn in my GE insurance career. Non existence of pygmalion effect cause no one is expecting anything from me. No tunnel vision or desire to obtain anything. I am now experience a phenomenon of emptiness inside me. 随波逐流. No emotion is flowing inside me. I can't feel shame, rejection or hatred. Even lost of money and kinship is not making a large reaction with me. I realise now I lacked the most important element in by formula.

And that is purpose. Life purpose and the calling that make me understand the reason of me waking up everyday. I am so lost with no purpose at all. No purpose to earn a living, no purpose to mix with people and no purpose to talk to anyone. If I still can't find my purpose in life, I will not be going to be here for very long. So reader, if you happens to read till here. Let me share with you my ultimate formula for success, hope you can take away something for here.

Purpose > Desire > Routine > Pygmalion effect > Tunnel vision (focus) > SUCCESS!!!

These formula work like a charm of me. I went thru it and I will endorse this is a real formula I used in my past to get great height.



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