Kelisa to gino conversion at Skudai

Finally got chance to take xiao bai go JB skudai to do the gino body kit. Xiao bai the backside got knocked. Was contemplating for so long if i would want to change the gino body kit. Because due to the change of headlight which is against police law in singapore. I put back a few time. Last night went with WF and XX to KSL to stay over. Remember a lot PL memories. 

Sit at coffee shop for so many hour waiting for them to installation. The kit front and back cost $1300 riggit. + chrome handle ($150) + chrome mirror ($150) + gino original steerling wheel ($100) + installtion ($100). At the end got it all at $1500 riggit. 

The shop is 66 Autoparts
No 36 Jalan Palas 5 Taman Teratai Skudai JB. 15km away from woodlands causeway. They sell a lot of kei car from Japan scrap yard. For gino convention your best bet is to try this shop. 

See my roof rack on the top of my car. I was being laugh by so many people. Making fun of my rack say i wanna put luggage on top is it. Today it show its true power. First, at Skudai so many people enquiry about my rack and ask me where i buy la. How much la. And am i will to sell. Even the shop pwner also ask plea me to sell it to him. He is so desperate of this limited out of stock rack from Japan that he is willing to exchange $1500 riggit which isnall my cost of the whole day with just the rack itself. I didnt take the bait. 

Seondly. We went Taman sentosa so many time like 3 times. Even the wanton mee waiter whistle at me seeing my roof rack regonisating me. Lol. It must have been so standing out. 

Well. Its late so i didnt have time to take a full body shot properly. Just a simple one where i parked my vehicle inside carpark. 

Lastly i put some nice other ppl gino for u to see.


  1. Hi sir total you spend RM1500 for the whole convertion?

  2. Hi bro, when you change the bodykit how is the headlight? You mention against the law.

    1. So far on the road no tp catch. But inspection in the future i don't know if i can pass. Need to base on luck

  3. Bro... ur car looks fantastic... I was thinking of getting a kelisa and follow ur foot steps... I am worried about the inspection.. Pls advise... Thanks...

    1. My advise i to just go ahead. I saw a couple of gino mod in Singapore. I guess the inspectors do not recongise kelisa or gino at all. They might cant even tell the headlight was changed. But i cannot guarantee. However i already changed and i have no regrets.

      My roofrack up for sales !


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